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  1. Bug introduced with latest beta patch.
  2. When crusing or orbiting the aircraft is usually well trimmed so it's pretty stable hands free until it drifts half a minute later. Beside that all modern aircraft have auto pilot systems to relieve the pilot during long boring parts which include altitude, heading and attitude hold.
  3. Anchor means orbit - choose hold option. You can't make AI to divert.
  4. Before any system changes you have to go online and turn off offline mode, make changes then you can go to offline mode again - no need to buy again.
  5. 1. Install DCS and run. 2. Wait for the 50% offer for new users. Use link from the offer to buy modules. 3. Download modules from DCS Module Manager 4. Turn on offline mode You can now use DCS with the downloaded modules without the Internet connection. No time restriction - just don't change your PC hardware.
  6. It's realistic that pilot needs to set the aircraft and LSO sets the systems and data for him after the proper comms. Of course something is needed for the human operator to have that option in DCS. It may well be planned with the coming SC features.
  7. Procedures are easy to follow thus you have detailed tutorials. BFM/BVR otoh is not so simple to explain because it's not as easy as "if the enemy does you do that" - it is very situational. There are tons of videos about that, there are plenty of forum threads and also real CNATRA docs if want to dig in. So read, watch, practice and repeat. Don't expect a tutorial that turns you into an ace in an hour showing some magic tricks. Yes, you can still trap a bit overspeed but you risk a bolter or hook damage.
  8. FC3 aircraft have mostly the same bindings list which would be the probable reason.
  9. You don't disengage NWS in the Eagle unless you're ground crew.
  10. My Jester works fine meaning he does report tally on bandit during merge, so does report the speed. When I have a bandit in front of me or locked, he stops reporting positions.
  11. Look at the vertical line on the radar, like here: or just the number in the center of the HUD circle (do not allow it to be more than 70).
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