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Special runways


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Be nice to see some special runways at NTTR.


Expeditionary airfield with Navy/USMC expeditionary shore based catapult. Wires compatible with non-Naval emergency hook operation.


Faux-carrier landing area with wires at Nellis , Tonopah, and Groom Lake. Every NAS (China Lake, Pt. Mugu) has them for practicing carrier approaches with wire trap on shore.


Faux-LHA Tarawa deck area on tarmac at Nellis, Tonopah, and Groom Lake


Road dispersal strips.


Expeditionary ATC.

Expeditionary ILS for austere fields.


Precision Radar Approach.


ATC handoff to tower for parking space assignment , taxi direction, and an optional 'Follow-me' truck.


For Nellis ATC. Specify Left or Right runway as active-depart and active-recovery.


Visible and active (animated) ground crew and equipment.

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Sure it'd be nice. Discussed so many times too. I remember ED saying that NTTR is pretty much done content wise though so there is no hope I guess.


A long while back, Mr Wags himself said they would expand to include the NTC/Ft Irwin. I guess thats been shelved too.

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