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Minor glitches in missions #7-9


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Tested on updated v2.5OB.


Hinds are nowhere to be found (or I am bad at locating them) and they eventually crash after some time. Good thing this F10 option works for RTB.


M#8: In briefing (at least in pdf I downloaded) in flight plan there is waypoint#8: Landing at Vaziani which is not correct at this point of the campaign.

M#9: Waypoint #1 is so close to the airbase that it's automatically omitted to #2 as soon as you turn on the NAV mode during taxi.

None of this prevents one from completing the missions.

🖥️ Win10  i7-10700KF  32GB  RTX3060   🥽 Rift S   🕹️ T16000M  TWCS  TFRP   ✈️ FC3  F-14A/B  F-15E   ⚙️ CA   🚢 SC   🌐 NTTR  PG  Syria

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