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Hello all,



I guess that you can't delete flying bug just like that. By now everyone reading this thread knows that i am not happy with planes i have (i will blame only myself for that) but as i was thinking yesterday and concluded that i enjoyed very much flying in my ka-50. So i was interested is there maybe dedicated helo squadron willing to accept new pilot that is suspectible for ocasional ragequitting? Also as soon as discount on MI 8 appears I will get that too. Anyway, feel free to drop me a message.

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and Hi,


maybe you want to visit us

on our servers

or our teamspeak


We are a small bunch of Germans and Swiss, who just have fun to fly. But we can only offer you Combat soon.


Our servers are dedicated and located in swiss.


Just visit us

There are no regulations or strict rules


See you

MrZweig - Germany - = vJAG = - -= Online Aerobatics Germany =- FreeFlight - 45 Slots - dedicated

Caucasus -

Nevada -

http://online-aerobatics-germany.de - www.forum.online-aerobatics-germany.de - TS adress: Online Aerobatics Germany - IP:

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Hello all I am still looking for Eu based group, prefferably with dedicated server. I am rather fresh to DCS, but willing to learn. I got SU 27, KA 50 and most likely I will get new plane today. I also have only default map. So feel free to message me or reply here...and maybe advice on solid simple, bug free and Cas usable fun plane.

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if you want, you can take a look on out site (below)....

we're flying mig21, mostly on acg cold war server, so it would be best to buy this one - but the mig21 is far away from being bug free


at least it is a bit cheaper ;)


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Ok. Update to my LF Squadron add. I have just became proud owned of Mirage and I plan to spend my time exclusively on that frame. So if oyu are ok with new guy with Mirage and Causius map, feel free to msg me or as usual post here. Preffered location is EU or somewhere close enough so I can have decent ping.

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Ravens are a public group who provide training and have a great relaxed approach.


Check us out if still looking, we are global with 400 plus facebook members, details in my sig


Water cooled i9-9900K | Maximus Code XI MB | RTX3090  | 64GB | HP Reverb G2 
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Hello and a warm welcome to DCS.


We are the DCS DEMONS.


A small group of DCS flyers who fly a broad range of modules and enjoy the diversity DCS offers.


We have our own mission builders who create interesting and entertaining missions to fly as well as flying on public servers.


We are friendly and happy squadron who is looking to offer places to enthuastic pilots. We have a emphasis on fun whilst striving to improve as individuals and as a group. We have a great depth of knowledge to offer and mutual support is the ethos of the squadron.


We use discord to talk through during missions and communicate text chat on DCS news,interesting aviation and friendly banter.


If we are a group you like the sound of then please drop me a P.M.





Go to Heaven for the climate,Hell for the company

Check us out on page 23 in the squadron directory, on the multiplayer forum and send me a private message.

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Hello all.


I am still in search of squadron with their own server. I am PVE oriented and have SU-27, KA-50 and Mirage. Mirage is my main and I am practising on KA 50 as 2nd . ALso I am only a beginner in DCS with not much of hours, so I prefer that your group is not die-hard type of seriousness, but a bit relaxed.

Whisper or post here...whatever you preffer.

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This is a bit scary. 700 views and I still did not find right group for me.


Here is summary. Ingame nick Tommy75 (43yo). Can attend most of weekdays from 18Z up to 22Z, will fly exclusively KA50 for now and MI 8 as soon as I buy it. So dedicated heli squadrons based in EU would be greatly apreciated. So if that fails, I guess I will just have to do campaign and leave game...It is not fun to fly alone. :cry:

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