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[MISSING TRACK FILE] Emergency Gear Extension


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Had a complete loss of electrical power on a server last night. Both engines running was able to start the APU. However was unable to Emergency extend the Landing gear.


Is this implimented without electral/Hydraulic system failure. I read the NATOPS and stated that Emergency Manual Gear extension is available using APU Accumulator pressure, as well as residual HYD pressure from refueling probe emergency extension and using maneuvering to load and force the gear down.


Is the HYD accumulator coded into the systems ? obvously we can start the APU, however wondering if anyone has tried this with complete ELEC systems /HYD loss airborne with two engines running. I can upload the track however not sure how to share such a large file size as I have not uploaded .trk before



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To clarify , both engines were running , lost electrical power , started APU ?

If so-why ? APU does not supply electrical power .

Starting the APU would , on the other hand , deplete the accumulator , leaving no reserve to drop the gear .


If you lose AMADS (?) might be better to get down asap on batteries , minimise electrical loads and save accumulator pressure for gear extension .


Of course with no electrical or hydraulics , this would also mean flight controls in mech mode . Good luck with that :)

It may well be that even mech mode would not help if the cables , as some have said , actually hook up to actuators instead of bellcranks .


In most high-performance aircraft , complete loss of hydraulics is followed by ejection .

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Something is not correct with emergency gear extension implementation.

Working only with generator power (undamaged) or external ground electric power (undamaged), but

with battle damage and engines running, displays shows "standby" and fuel leaking state don't.

So I must took a belly landing on that multiplayer server into a snowy plain.

(During repair we must force to manually lower gear, request ground power and rotate handle to emergency mode. Ground crew not enough clever. Thely only lowering the handle in normal mode without any effect.)

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track file


Capture North.1.52-20181117-200327_simTime12h34m.trk


client name: Inad

emergency gear handle use around sim time: 12h 34m

plane damaged at low level flight above Maykop

engines are running

hydraulic pressures are ok

recorded on openbeta



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Two nights ago I ran out of fuel completely but had enough altitude to make it back to a base. So engines out, completely dead jet. I tried the emergency landing gear extend by rotating the knob but the gear did not extend. I did a belly landing and made it on the ground. I requested repair and during that as I was waiting for repair I guess I died but I didn't see the jet on fire or anything and I was just sitting there. It was a bit strange. Anyway, not sure why the gear didn't come down. Perhaps WIP.

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Interesting, I'm pretty sure that I did manage to get the emergency gear drop to work after having shut down manually the right engine (the left HYD powers only the flight controls).


Correct per the Manual and I have tested as well. You are correct, with Right B system not powered the Right side HYD Accumulator will power the EGear Extension and APU starts which works. You can double test by Shutting down Engine #1 and testing and see that the gear extension and retraction is unaffected.


However to simulate what I see after sustaining damage and still flying. If you shut down your Left and Right Generator (No Electric Power)Battery On, Still Hot bus powered. You will see you cannot extend your Landing Gear- ok. However you cannot Emergency Extend your landing gear either. Now. With engines running and positive pressure still being supplied to the B system / 3,000psi accumulator pressure , you should still be able to Emergency Extend your gear as its hydraulically powered. Not sure when coded if they made the handle only electrically powered.

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