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nav aids dont alighn with plane


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Hmm, strange. Wonder if that is a NTTR thing or a Stable?

I flew on Caucasus OB yesterday, no problems there.

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But do you wait until the ADI has spun up? There's a flag on it telling if it isnt aligned yet. If you start taxiing before this you will have the issue in the pictures. The ADI aligns with gravity, and if the plane is moving (accelerating) while it is aligning it will produce an incorrect alignment.



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I've seen this in Caucus but last week, on second last version. Don't remember what mission, I think it was some weapons practice mission with air start. It was first okay but after a restart of the mission (not DCS or computer) it looked like in the picture. Didn't have time to check for repeatability and now I'm off from home until next week.

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done a repair, nothing wrong, thanks Holton, thought it was just me, it does seem random, done 4 quick fly-abouts, 3 were fine, 2 Caucus, 2 NTTR, 2nd one was weird on NTTR, first was fine, cant really replicate it, it seems totally random, think the update brought us to stable on Friday didn't it, lost track now

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