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Are we seeing signs of next gen HMDs in 2019?


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Maybe it's just me, but the release of Samsungs Odyssey "Plus" points to an all new headset being released in 2019. The "Plus" is released exactly a year after the original Odyssey, and can be seen as an upgrade to the original, both regarding comfort and graphics (with the SDE filter). However, the basics remain the same (screen and optics).


My reasoning is that Samsung might have chosen an Apple like product cycle, with an all new product release every two years, and a "Plus" model in between. An all new headset this time next year in time for christmas makes sense to me.


So what would be needed to make a next gen headset? To me it would be the following:



- A switch from pentile to RGB screen. Pentile should be banned in all future headsets.

- Maybe a 20% hike in resolution. Combined with true RGB screen, the difference would be huge.

- Eye tracking with foveated rendering.

- Increased FOV, maybe 130 degrees.


Regarding the display, it should be no problem at all for Samsung to manufacture. They have shown alot better displays than that already (was it 1.5 years ago?).



Also, I think we will see an all new Vive next year, since the Vive Pro is also just an upgrade to the original, and can be seen as a model that merely extends the product cycle a year or so.

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Yes, there are some products already. Pimax5K+ for example with 179FOV or StarVROne.



Pimax already opened preorder for 5K and 8K models but to be honest I will wait with it after proper testing because there is a lot of suspicions on the quality of that product. Looks like the stereotype about Chinese product is not just stereotypes in the end. So put it on hold for now, it is overpriced. 5K will cost in the end over 1200$ to the full level with tracking and conntrolers.



There is also StarVR One who have way better picture clarity but for now, it is not consumer product and cost is way high, but ...

Point is StarVR start as consumer product then IMAX invests in that project to be special IMAX hardware for IMAX theatres but now looks like IMAX is in financial problems and abandoning this project and Starr is looking to go back to the consumer market again. So we could soon find out are they will be competitive with price and quality to the Pimax5K. Star VR already have 210FOV and eye-tracking. Both HMD uses full RGB chroma 4:4:4 displays.

8K is failed even with 800PPI vs 530PPI on 5K but without full RGB chroma 4:4:4 display. Pimax claims it has full RGB but from screenshots, it is obvious it is not an SDE is almost the same no matter on that PPI advantage of the 4K display. That is why I'm predicting fail of the 8K and 8KX model. 8K will cost 1500$ in the end.


Samsung live price for upgraded model same as it was with previous so this is more than fair.

Put Pimax5K on hold for now even it is best HMD for now but it is not best buy and it is possible that in near future. It is not a problem if some product cost 1000 or 1500$ if it worth it but Pimax have to prove them self first with quality and so far they didn't convince me no matter how much I was supporting that project in the past.

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HMDs market is starting to look more like the smartphone market, where we have many smaller brands competing, and not like console market with only two big players with major releases years apart.

So it's more likely that we will see incremental improvements every year from various companies, instead of big "next generations" hardware jumps.

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Still hanging out for next gen Rift product, I like some of the things they are working on for it. I think they are going to make a pretty good leap in technology whilst allowing less required for the performance department.


In the meantime still very much loving my Rift CV1 which I use daily, and many hours a week.

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