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  1. Can we expect ED to implement FSR directly in DCS to avoid using third-party mods for it? Benefits are obvious and increasing performances, especially in VR are real. According to AMD implementation is just a simple few days of work so it should be doable in a week, not two weeks like everything else. It's working on AMD and Nvidia cards so there is a benefit for all users, 2D or VR equally not like DLSS which benefit only RTX users. ED should prioritize this implementation because brings instant improvements in a short time and that's what we all want, users or devs.
  2. Just want to remind you all ED anounced to switch to Vulkan in Q3 2021. That is all about DCS on Vulkan soon.
  3. Take all the best on loan. Buy 10 years food reserves and build Man cave deep into the ground. Nuclear winter could be long lasting and new hardware and DCS version will not be released anyway. So you will be good for next 10 years.
  4. FSR is better anyway. RSR is to use SR without implementation in game just true GPU software. That is why FSR is better, anyway FSR2.0 comming in Q2.
  5. I can confirm that as well. I have a similar experience with Q2. G2 is the best buy Headset in performance per $. Best value. Q2 is half price but if you have it as a more permanent solution you will soon spend 200 or even 300$ for upgrades to reach the level of G2 in audio and comfort for example. With your current GPU, you will run G2 on 60Hz and Q2 on 72Hz but it is a smooth experience. With both G2 on 50% SS or Q2 on 1.0 PD is looking somehow as CV1 at 1.6 but without SDE. SDE is simply gone compared to CV1. It is still there but so slightly so in normal usage you have to focus on details to find it. On CV1 SDE is annoying no matter how much you crank PD. Now depending on your preferences. G2 is a better permanent solution for flight and driving sims on a desktop PC. Q2 is more versatile and has a huge advantage with WiFi support in more casual usage. Impact on hardware after tweaking the game is similar when you reach similar results. The result is almost the same in G2 50% vs Q2 1.2 PD visually and impacts your GPU mostly. 3090 can work in VR with full potential even with i5 11400 so all that money you can save on CPU push in better GPU. I will like to have G2 and Q2 at the same time and it is my goal in the future but right now my budget dictates Q2 be the first choice and I didn't regret it and to be honest, Q2 is giving me much more than I was originally expected. If you chose G2 because you have only sims in mind it is a great choice too. It all depends on your preferences.
  6. In that case Quest 2 is your choice right now. Even G2 is better hardware Quest got better software what will make it a better experience with your current GPU. It is a huge improvement over CV1.
  7. You got 2080. That is just a slightly above minimum hardware demand and you are pushing SS too hard. I know it says 100% but in reality, it is a super-sampled resolution to not go now in detail about why is it like that. G2 display native resolution should be closest to 2160x2160 to reduce the load on GPU and that is around 50% resolution. Just try once to Auto to see where will be pushed automatically by the software. Also, try it at 60Hz too. For a smooth experience at 90Hz, you need a stable 45 FPS minimum and at 60Hz you need 30FPS. You are coming from 80Hz Rift S so the point is you got smooth experience no matter 90 or 60Hz. I want to say this nausea experience is an individual issue and you could train your brain to adopt it in time. I'm coming from Q2 and for a smooth experience at 980Ti, I have to reduce it to 72Hz when I try on 90HZ I got nausea because I'm already used to 72Hz but with better GPU I will force myself to get used to it and my brain and senses will adapt to new 90Hz experience with time. Just like new users have problems with it. It is normal and doesn't get scared with it. Also, try to squeeze some more FPS with OpenVR FSR mod. It is working with Nvidia too. That's it. This is a starting point for you when you reach a stable minimum FPS for a smooth experience. Buy your self FPS counter on Steam it is less than 5$ but will give you needed measures for fine-tuning. So these are your starting point and then fine-tuning to your preferences where you will save some FPS by tuning HMD SS resolution, refresh rate, or at details in-game. You just have to find a sweet spot and balance your wishes with hardware capability. It's compromise.
  8. Tough question for these turbulent times. The point is multiple factors now affecting your upgrade cost in general so I will give you some tips in general so you can see right now is not the right moment for an upgrade. VR HMD. right now only budget-friendly and worth upgrading is G2 and Q2. There are some better models but the question is value for money. They are not that much better but they are way more expensive. So focus for now on those two models and in this year we could expect some new even better models like for example Arpara AiO. CPU: for VR using or DCS in 2K/4K in general CPU is not a priority. i5 12400 on B660 MB and DDR4 RAM is the newest budget king and is more than capable of handling your need even paired with 3090Ti or 6900XT or any future GPU model. Also, older gen like 11400 on B560 MB or 5600X on older B450 MB is capable as well for this new GPU's. Soon AMD is releasing 6600X what could be the new budget king on B550 MB. This is what we got now or it is around the corner. By the end of the year, next-gen CPUs are coming but will need a new chipset and socket and it is questioned how much will be a better value. GPU: Right now prices are crazy and the minimum you want to go is 6700XT or 3070. They are GPU in performances around 2080Ti. In March Intel released his ARC GPU models with similar performances. Also in June coming changes in Etherium mining, so could expect a significant drop in mining profitability. Even now mining is no anymore a significant problem because mining profitability stagnates despite the increasing value of the Crypto market but it is still profitable to keep mining and not selling used GPUs. Investing in new GPS's with that prices is high risk and right now only 6% of the new GPU sales and up in crypto mining. I'm expecting a significant drop in GPU prices even after March, a minimum of 25% and even more until June and they will not go up definitely. Pandemic: Till Summer 2022 Pandemic will be finally coming to its end. The point is Omicron variant is so highly contagious but not that severe as Delta so with vaccination so far and numbers of those who got COVID we will reach herd immunity and any new wave will be in the future as Flue so will not anymore affect much on health care and the economy as much as it was in last two years so the market will be stabilized and get in normal state. So this will not be the reason for unstable prices anymore in the future. So whatever you see it is not the right time for an upgrade right now. If you wait so long you can wait at least the next 6 months to save in GPU. Maybe go step by step and upgrade your VR or CPU first and wait until June for a GPU upgrade. Even if you buy Q2 or G2 with 11400 and 6700XT will be a gamechanger for your current set up and that should be a minimum you should go.
  9. Price is similar if you take into consideration that you will invest in better audio and head strap for sure and that is an additional 100 to 200$ on starting 300$. So major advantages will be wireless and multifunctionality. Maybe your 2080 will be better Q2 because of the easy setup and more Hz options. If you are planing a GPU upgrade in the next year or two then maybe you should wait with G2 not because it is bad, just the opposite. G2 is a better option for flight sim-only usage but next year we are expecting some new VR HMDs like Arpara, Varjo Aero is still out of the league. Bobo VR M2 PRO is a hello strap with an additional battery and costs 60$. Give you around 5 hours of WiFi play and have an easy magnetic swap battery so if you buy an additional battery for 30$ practically you have endless power by swapping and recharging batteries. Comfort will be similar to Rift S but without cables. Audio is the same as Rift S. Maybe you should think about waiting one more year because next year is a gamechanger in VR and GPU as well. VR with Pancake optics and GPU with the most significant GPU jump in performances. For example, you will get in 7600XT same powerful GPU as today is 6900XT approximate within today's market price of 6700XT. Similar is expecting with Nvidia so you could get 4070 in similar price as 3070 but performances similar as today 3090. Think about it do you need it right now ar you can with 2080 and Rift S to wait another year? On other hand, for Rift S you can easily get 200 to 250$ on eBay. So maybe Q2 will be easy to archive and you will wait for the Arpara AiO version to be released next year.
  10. Did anyone remember this Vive OG and Vive PRO Gear VR lens mod? It is the question of what will happen if you do the same mod on Vive PRO2? PRO2 is similar spec as Aero and such mod should fox most of the PRO2 problems and should be competitive with Aero for half of the price.
  11. For us Europeans is still too much. Varjo Aero + tracking + controllers without the audio is 3000€. Is this price justifie upgread from G2 (650€)? Have in mind in some anouncemant for Quest2 PRO same display was anounced, same as better controlers, full 4K color camera for AR for 1/4 of the Aero price. I don't know we will see soon.
  12. My advice is to get now Quest 2 for start in few reasons. You got more than a biffy rig but just to start with VR and see do you like it at all or not without much investment. If you like you will easily buy some other better headset and will have your Quest 2 for some other more casual VR usage. Simply you want Quest 2 no matter what the future brings. Quest 2 is WiFi capable and because of it for some fun with Dart Vedar or some shooting or adventure in VR is a better choice than any other HMD with cable. Watching 3D movies with friends in BigScreen theatre is great fun as well. You will never regret this 300$ or more with upgrades no matter what. G2 is now the best option for DCS no doubt but ... in the next 12 months, several new headsets are announced so it is maybe better not to buy G2 straight away now and wait to see what will be the best option in near future. So in that 12 months Quest 2 will use for DCS as well and will stay with you in the future for sure. Maybe Varjo consumer version is coming soon.
  13. Maybe this could help you to compare this setting and yours.
  14. Again missing the point and my statements putting out of context. As you just confirming what I was talking about the whole time. Just mention two Modules without a license and that didn't stop their release and to be some of the most popular in the DCS world. If DCS will be developed just fully licensed modules DCS World will stop existing at all long time ago. I like M-2000 and F-14 modules so as do a lot of others as well. Those two modules are playing some of the major roles in the popularization and expansion of the player base in DCS World. So I don't see a problem why not continuing the same way with Rafale and Green? Even if you got a license this module doesn't have to be 100% accurate as well because part of the license is to keep control of this publicly available information and the secret one. So let's stop this pointless debate about is it or not the possible development of Rafale or Grepen lets just summarizing the facts. Is it possible to develop Rafale or Grepen? YES. Is the license obstacle to not developing it? NO - We got other modules developed without the license like for example here mentioned M-2000 and F-14. Is it possible to made FFM without the license? YES - FFM is not represented 100% accurate plane it is more like a level of realism and depends only on the development level, more details more work to do. As we are going away from the real intention of this article and going into a completely different field furder discussion is pointless and better focus on something else. The intention and purpose of this thread are to check the possible interest for developing such a module. I put the idea into HB's head, they could see how interest is existing and is good. Almost 50% of people are already willing to buy such a module what is very good. Now everything is on HB and on plans and resources they have and how this could incorporate into it. As we going away from the theme I decide to close this thread. To HEATBLUR I wish all the best and hoping will seriously think about this idea and soon announce it.
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