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Porting campaign for the F5E3


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Hi all,


I've started porting the Mig-21's campaign "Stillness in Time" to the F5. So far I've had to do quite a few changes as the F5 isn't the same type of aircraft as the MiG and I plan to make more changes. I've only ported the first 4 stages of the campaign and I'm still struggling to balance the campaign and try to get a story line through it all.


I've attached a zip of the first 4 stages of the campaign and I'd like some feedback from better pilots than me as to the difficulty of the missions (too easy? too hard?).


Thanks for the feedback and have fun!


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It's a very good idea, as the F-5 lacks a built-in Campaign.


I ported for the MiG-29 the Training Missions of the Su-27, and even if the planes are fairly similar, it is indeed a lot of work and testing :)


I'm right now enjoying the new MiG-29, but will take a look at your Campaign as soon as I get a bit more of free time, in the meantime I will download it :D


Best regards


Edit: Havent played it yet, but at least the briefing of the first mission needs further modifications to fit the F-5 rather than the MiG-21, thus instead of listing RSBN and PRMG you should adapt the mission to use TACAN and ILS.

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