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Virut infection


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hm, I don't understand either how download from ED's official web can have a virus... I think too that possibly that virus scan is thinking there's some virus in the exe when there isn't or... somehow you already had some virus and it spread? Can this happen at all?

No longer active in DCS...

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Jabs, I've searched a bit and found these pages, which might be helpful:





Please download the latest virus definitions and run a complete scan, and see if you have any other files which are infected by this virus.

If you have this virus on your computer, it may be infecting the files while you are installing them.


Please let us know the result of the scan, so we can help you further.

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We are using Dr. Web antivirus here. It doesn't find any viruses in lockon.exe. But Avast does find. Only in executable protected with StarForce ProActive. Executable with StarForce Professional is "ok" to Avast.


I wrote to Avast already.

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