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Harrier Flare Effectiveness Study


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Three years ago I did a study on the flares with the A-10C, primarily to determine an optimal flare profile and to see how different factors impacted the decoy rate.


You can find the results of that study here: A-10C Flare Effectiveness Study


Recently I decided to do another study in the Harrier, as I'm been flying it quite often and find the inconsistency of the flares annoying. The results are available here: Harrier Flare Effectiveness Study


TL;DR: Program G QTY: 2 INT: 1 provides the best protection with the minimum required flares.


Next, I will be testing the Hornet's flares in a new study. After that, I might re-do the A-10C study since it was before V2.5 released. I do not own the J-17 or F-16, so I won't be able to do those tests until I purchase them. Willing to consider other aircraft that have an automatic countermeasure programming system.



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Always love this kind of stuff. Great work, my thanks for publishing.

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