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MOOSE status for 2020


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I spent today changing the Github ticket system to reflect items that are being worked on, which is a vast culling of open tickets since 2017.(184 tickets down to 22 today)


Flight Control has not been active since early 2019, he was always the primary developer. We have no contact with him. He may return, but the previous effort level is unlikely, and I hope not also, as it was due to his long term absence from work that allowed him to create MOOSE. So in fact I'm happy for him he is back to normality.


FunkyFranky has picked up the onerous task of trying to band aid the complexity of FlightControl's work. It's fair to say that any feature request or development that isn't part of Frank's work will not be worked on.


MOOSE CORE however continues to be perfectly fine and very useful and it's used across the world every day on many servers. There is no cause for alarm, however MOOSE is now in a completely different phase of development it was in 12 months ago.


The last release from the Master branch was late 2018 and since then we have used the DEV branch to push things. Everyone should use the DEV branch, the 2.4 main branch is unsupportable. Many new features and tweaks and fixes Frank has done by himself into this branch. We are very grateful for his work, but it has a limit and we have to consider a realistic approach from now on, in fact we must consider the support model for MOOSE going forward completely.


Configuration help and support continues on the Discord server. We notice that of a 1000 users in the Discord, we have only a handful of people with enough years and experience to help others. It's best effort support. Additionally, for non CORE Moose it's unlikely we will change the code, especially in TASK, AI and more complex modules.


The demo missions in Github we cannot control or edit, because it's under Flight Control's account and there is a complex setup with Appveyor. Some of the missions no longer work. Keep your expectations low here.


Tickets for feature requests that are NOT part of Franks Ops modules will be closed. They will not be worked on. CORE issues that arise during DCS changes are the primary and most important ones and we must keep the issues list small for Frank. If you have an issue with MOOSE not working as it is documented (and we are aware of the documentations limitations) please use Discord.


Over time, we might be able to look at tweaks gradually to some things like A2A_Dispatcher (like the introduction to circular CAP's Frank made) but ultimately its small changes. Frank however has made some incredible modules over the years, Airboss is likely larger in scope to whatever ED will produce for the Carrier, with custom sounds, training modes, carrier steering capability, plane guards and integrated AWACS and Tankers and that's all since Flight Control left, so, I would say, MOOSE has actually grown since last year and is still an awesome middleware tool for LUA scripting to the DCS SSE.


So, don't panic, just consider this as a change to the support model.



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Pikey, can you give me the link to the Discord? I'd appreciate it - thanks!


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Thanks for the update Pikey and for the work of the whole team. You guys are a model of professionalism and transparency, truly an amazing effort.

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