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Thermal Camera work's bad after 2.5.6


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Strange things are happening in the gazelle. A thermal camera that should not be affected by lighting turns white in WHOT when I look at the sky at night. A HOT shot causes a supernova flash on the monitor. I used to use many thermal cameras in reality and the effect is certainly exaggerated.

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Hi Polychop Team.



It's been a while since I wrote, the problem persists. I know that this is a problem for all thermal imaging devices in DCS, the same happens in A-10, F-14 and others. However, I would like to know if something has moved after these few months regarding the repair of thermovision?

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On 2/16/2020 at 4:30 PM, Polychop Simulations said:

Hi Alienzo,


With 2.5.6 a lot of the code on Eagle Dynamics side has changed. We are investigating what these changes are and what we can do to adapt.


You can stop your investigation. Tomorrow is 2.7 update 😄

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Good night ,

Sorry for the late response. It took some time, but the 2.7 version solved the issue with the engine update, which was the reason behind this bug.
If you see any burn-out it is related to the warm-up of the FLIR camera, wait roughly a minute and you will see a clear image.
You can check this screenshots that were taken during the tests in the last 2.7 OpenBeta:

Thank you for your concern and support

first 2 pictures are from the warmup phase of the FLIR
last 2 pictures are from an engagement of a target, befor and after the hit.




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In VR the thermal vision mode doesn't seems to be working properly (I'm on the latest DCS Beta version), because I cannot get a clear picture. Both the gain and contrast buttons on the TV console and the left-side co-pilot stick don't do much, so I just end up with having an almost white screen.


Am I missing something?

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11 hours ago, enigma6584 said:


What was your solution?

Difficult to explain. I mapped the gain and contrast functions to two rotating switches. After playing around with these switches, I was somehow able to get some stuff visible on screen, but in VR it's still pretty tough to see any targets.

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Looks like after DCS 2.8 changes the issue is present again and even worse in IR mode, pls check it. Glow is very, very visible. The reaction of the buttons is delayed, which does not allow you to properly set the appropriate level of gaing and brightness. And unfortunately, even worse, flickering appeared on the screen, my head hurts.




I used buttons from WSO left stick, unfortunately it doesn't really help. I have a feeling that IR has not been updated for the new 2.8 environment (night).

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