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    No any . Notice than here, on ED Forum still no any offcial news or even info from author (Octopus G), so firstly wait for the news that the release will be possible .
  2. So sell me your 1080Ti if you guarantee to have stable 45fps on ground level (with my settings http://yoyosims.pl/sites/default/files/Obrazki/WMR/dcs_vr_settingsmain.jpg in Usuaia airport for example) or I can give you my 3090 . Of course, you can always turn everything off in the options and limit the resolution to 800x600 and I'm sure it will be super smooth, especially if you start flying at altitude . Above you have thorough tests of FPS and map behavior. If you have totally different feelings pls do the same proofs, according me it isnt true what you wrote or you did wrong tests and comparisions. Its just not possible, sorry (or maybe do you use downscaling?). If you want to discuss it further, pls post the evidence in the form of screenshots (or VR video with an FPS counter), in the same locations and in the same directions and your settings of gogles and settings of DCS. We have dozen of posts here about the issue on the SA map with FPS so if you have the "Holy Grail" for this show it to us as well. Amen.
  3. YoYo

    DCS KA-52 Mod

    Dont, cheat! Is this the real photo?
  4. For me (but I fly VR only) its something about 1500 ft AGL (but VR is more demanding). Im still surpriced that still no any info about performance update here. This new asset is unnecessary because the map is partially usless still for me. The main goal of the authors now should not be new content (why I need this if I cant use this map like Syria for example), but to make this map playable at low heights (cities, forests, airports). I do not understand this.
  5. Why still no any fix for this situation? I see the new changelog and no any info about optimalizations: I have read that you use different SDK than Ugra Media and ED (own?), maybe here is a problem of FPS issue. Maybe the good idea is to convert the scenery by default ED SDK (just guessing)?
  6. Hmm, I see the problem of price still, so is this the intended effect that no EA discount on the Steam?
  7. Pls check this topic: Hind 69,99 on Steam, ED $55.99.
  8. Ok, so it looks like a price mess of ED, not Aerges? I think Aerges has to inform about it ED, I think Steam sales are stuck . According me, more prices on the Steam has the same problem (for example Hind etc). So strange. They have to pay more attention to the price policy and the end dates of the sale of EA, which are still going on in the ED store.
  9. Hi, I noticed than on Steam no any discount now. What's heppend? I see regular price, much higher than in ED store. Before (so after release) the price was the same .... No discount - 20%, is it over? See https://steamdb.info/app/2071330/ and check LOWEST RECORDED PRICE
  10. YoYo

    DCS KA-52 Mod

    Nice! However I think the video was created earlier. Now the VC has textures as we see.
  11. 4090 will be in this year, probably October, 80 and 70 will be in 2023. They moved the relese of those two GPU from three but I dont think it doesnt help for SA map a lot.
  12. Pls, if you do tests it dont use any performance mods, it falsifies the comparisons. No shader mod or OpenXR. I havent it and I dont see any differences. Im sure near 100% that devs didnt do any changes beacuse no any info about it in the last changelog. If it works for you with OpenXR mod well, congratulations, for me not :(.
  13. Yes, so I think its only best wishes and placebo effect .
  14. Yep. I hope they fix it soon (personally I use Reshade for more sharpness and I see it but HUD symbols are far away from the others modules).
  15. Yep, this topic is present but not in bug section. Moderator could connect those two topics.
  16. How did you record video with this ratio? Looks like 16:9, my video from VR looks like a sqare with black unregular frames (so like picture on desktop from VR).
  17. Ok, maybe not a deep test but according me they started to improve FPS here (if it isnt a luck of the last 1h of flying or my leak of memory ). My favorite airport USHUAIA, before patch I had it here 16-18 FPS (mostly, EDITED: however I checked my screenshots above and I had 32 too, so no any changes, stutter was present still), now I have about 32-33. Its still not perfect (stable 45 FPS for G2) and its far from the other map but it's small step forward. The other way - in Port Stanley city I dont see any differents before and after patch. So maybe they started to do something on few dedicated airports/city? I havent idea but it looks like. If they did something, the direction is good, however its still not the end according me, we are on half a way and the Team of SA map have to work on performance still to equal FPS level to for example of Syria map. Strange only that no any info in changelog so I don't exclude placebo still (or it isnt finished so they didnt decide to praise). I didnt notice any improvemnts over forest, so its a disadvantage still. Low fly on Apache again, so according me - not a big change after this patch (if there were any) and the map needs serious improvemnts still.
  18. There is mod for this to fix it temporary, however fingers crossed for official fix too, pls VERY soon
  19. The same issue, digits and symbols are too small or too blurry in VR on HUD. This is only the one module with this issue for me. +1 for fix (maybe in TAB, special opion for VR user as "bigger symbols on the HUD")?
  20. But they are too dark, they used black texture simply so for example in VR its hard a little to spot something in the cockpit. Normaly developer shoud use dark grey textures, not black (or correct it by background textures like alpha or spec files) - see Mirage 2000 of Razbam for example or "black" panels of HB's F-14. Its an issue according me and should be fixed soon, I hope.
  21. Is it in plans?
  22. Are you sure? Maybe Placebo effect? I dont see any word about improvements of performance in changelog however I didnt check this OB patch yet.
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