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Realtime Bomb Damage Assistance


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Hi everyone


I did search a bit, and I didn't find whatever I was looking for.


As everybody knows, the option "Realtime Bomb Damage Assistance" allows to see the damages done to the targets.

Basically, I found those poping up text quite annoying, so I unchecked this option.

Now however, I am even more annoyed, as I have no clue if my target got hit (ex : I use the A10-c's gun, but since the shells tends to spread...).


So the question is : in some Youtubers videos, I could see those text, quite small, on the left side of the screen (rather than the center).


Could someone "enlight" me and explain how to resize and move those creepy texts?


If ever my explanation wouldn't be clear enough (forgive the frog I am!!), I want to KEEP that damage assessment, BUT, not at the center of the screen, and much smaller.


Thanks by advance!!!


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In the latest update the smaller BDA text was changed from being the small text you see in youtube videos into the larger text box. I haven't seen an option to change that but I may have missed it. I imagine there's also a LUA file that probably changes it.

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BDA window was easily movable with mouse click and drag. It does not seem to be the case with the new implementation, however, it does look smaller to me, I play in 4K though.

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