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[REPORTED]FPS drop after landing in 2.5.6


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hello, i noticed a problem after updating to 2.5.6

i finally had time to made a specific track to show that problem.

my average FPS run between 70-80 , no matter if i'm high or on the ground, fast or slow.


now after updating to 2.5.6 if i land somewhere, it start to drop down to average 44 FPS, and then even if i takeoff again FPS remain low.

i tried different airports, weather, and time of the day, but the result is the same.


i link a track made to show this, hope you can somehow reproduce FPS drop and fix it, its game breaking.


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Having the same problem with the FA-18 especially since launch of that module - other modules have the same weird behavior but not that heavy (degrading fps). I figured out, if you make a little break (5-10 minutes) and still stay in game, it gets back to normal fps.


I gave ED a track of my finding - they couldn't reproduce. I tried this two different pc setups, still the same fps-degration.


To extreme, you just need to roll the runway along (around 100 knots) and abort the start at the end of the runway, then do a 180 turn and repeat this. And finally after 4-5 runs over the runway, you are down to 20-30 fps (when for me normal is 80-90fps). The gpu-load gets lesser and lesser with each run. Seems to be an engine-problem.


The only workaround for me is, not to land the FA-18 on a runway since there is no fps-degradation when landing on a carrier (tried this with over 20 landings, still good after that amount).

Ryzen 7 5800X3D // 64 GB RAM // RTX 4090 // Quest Pro // Quest 3

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