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Red Bull BO 105


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Cool video.



I truly hope the B-105 in DCS will have the option of removing the external-hardpoints, so we can fly it "slick". Apart from aerobatics, it would then also serve for utility, civilian, medivac, SAR, reconnaissance, etc., etc..


Sure they will be removable. They did not limit the manuoverability or even the utility work though. Actually quite good for limiting soldiers to not go behind the pylon( because of the tail rotor risk).


Electronics for the weapon system was louded on sleighs in the cargo abd these both incresaed weight and minimized the utility tasks, so they had to be removed.

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Some of the best videos I've found of the Red Bull BO-105 and its pilot, Chuck Aaron.


One of the best airshow videos - (not too zoomed in and a cloudy backdrop so you get a real sense of motion)

Flying Bulls Bo-105 @ TANNKOSH 2011


2015 Wingnuts Flying Circus - Chuck Aaron Red Bull Helicopter Aerobatics!!! - (nice onboard ride)


Meet Aerobatic Helicopter Pilot Chuck Aaron - (about the man, the legend)


The Story of Red Bull's Aerobatic Heli - (Talks about technique and modifications to the B0-105)


Tried to embed vids but not working for some reason...

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