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Modifications to files in CoreMods folder issues


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So an issue that came about from today's patch is that any moded files modifying files in the CoreMods folder can either


A) Crash the game on start (you never even reach the loading screen)

- only happened with an edit to one file

B) Cause aircraft to stop working. in the Jeff I modified the SD10 files and when I went to fly I was put into the A10 instead of the jeff

- Most common happens to any edits on files in specific aircraft files

C) Break every loadout.

- I also modified the AIM7.lua in the coremods folder but this had teh effect of bugging out the loadouts for most jets, in particular the hornet, where I was unable to add any weapons but the 120C and fuel tank on the center line and check stations.

D) Crash the game on loading in to 3D.

- I modified the RIM116 file and upon loading into the game on any mission the game crashed.



Other thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=274099

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