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False integrity check failures making multiplayer unplayable


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The last few days I keep having issues with failed integrity checks. After deleting the fxo, metashader2 and mission editor files I can log in. But once in the server I get “timed out” and a new list of random files that “Failed Integrity”.


The files that fail are never the same and I have an unmodded Steam DCS running the newest Open Beta.


So how am I failing the integrity checks if DCS is unmodded and why are the files that “failed” completely random.


I did a clean install to see if that would help but after that I still had the same issues.


Please help

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Remove all mods and do a repair. It will ask if you want to remove files, choose yes.


Don't reinstall any mods in the main game directory, only in Saved Games


Edit: also make sure that you only install skins in saved games and not in bazaar

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Ic check failure.


We've found the reason. The fix will come soon.


Experienced the ic check failure yesterday. Clean install no mods in steam mp. Let me know what you all need.


As of 6/18/20 this was the latest integrity check failure"models/gbu-12_lod1.edm @ bazar/world/shape"

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