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104th A10 SIM-MOD Warthog Weekend Episode II

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SIM-MOD CO-OP A-10 Warthog Weekend: Episode II


When: Beginning June 6th 2400 Zulu time(8:00PM EDT)through till June 8th.

Where: 104th Dedicated Server on Hyperlobby or direct IP (

TeamSpeak Server IP:

Password: "phoenix"


External views will be enabled for this special event.


Due to the enthusiastic community response to the first Warthog Weekend, the 104th is pleased to announce that we will be re-running this very special mission again on June 6th 7th & 8th. The map and objectives will be the same as before, to rescue the captive SIM-MOD team from the clutches of evil. (A limited number of SU-25/T may be available for this mission).


We cordially invite the entire LockOn community to join us once again in showing the SIM-MOD team our appreciation for their hard work. A thread is already started in our forums for those that would like to add their call sign to a list of pilots who take part in this unique sequel event.




Mission Briefing:-


The Associated Press London announced today that militant forces are threatening to stop the Olympics from being help in Sochi by launching attacks from stolen Soviet artillery hidden in and around the Mountains of Sochi. Also the radicals are reported to have taken hostage 8 UN representatives.


The men being held are part of the renowned International A-10 Sim-Mod Team credited with the latest state of the art designs for the Warthog. Esteemed members include Deadman, Highwayman-Ed, Mustang, Rockwelder, Ruggbutt, SuperKungFu , Warthogmadman987 and Yeniceri. The team was reportedly traveling to the future Olympic sight when they were overtaken by a heavily armed group of militants.




Rumor has it that these radical militants, in opposition to the international event, are placing demands on the surrounding Countries to submit and cancel the scheduled Russian Olympics or attacks will begin in the homelands of the athletes taking part.


Countries involved have a "no tolerance" policy with regard to dealing with demands from terrorists and leaders across the world are calling for a united allied strike on the region.


As reported by Reuters "the Kremlin has a major stake in delivering successful games because President Vladimir Putin lobbied personally for Sochi's bid." The Kremlin is now calling for support of all leaders to conduct air strikes on the rogue territories saying that, "at this time, all ground targets in the area are to be considered hostile and should be destroyed."


Because of the value of the hostages and all that they have sacrificed for the international community, the militaries are offering up all newly re-designed A-10s to take part in air to ground strikes so that elite troops may then be sent in to rescue these respected men. Pilots from across the globe are being called upon to take part in this operation and help free them.


Good Luck! Hostilities will commence at approximately 2400 ZULU time June 6th and continue as more brave pilots and squadrons join the fray to assist in the rescue. Please join us in our TS server. (Info below)





1: Destroy all threats and air defense units surrounding the hostage’s location to facilitate their immediate rescue.


2: All flights should remain within their respective "Kill Corridors" to minimize targeting overlap.





A- 10 #01-11 Gelendzhik

SU-25T #12-13 Gelendzhik

A-10 #14-32 Krasnodar Center

SU-25T #33-36 Krasnodar Center

A-10 #37-60 Krasnodar Pashkovskiy

SU-25T #61-64 Krasnodar Pashkovskiy





Server Rules:


Read the Brief.

No Team killing.

Stay left on airfields unless overtaking.

No illegal or modded load outs.

No landing on roads to re-arm and refuel.

No pings over 400.

Be courteous and friendly.

Always connect at xDSL 128/128 Kbit/s


Mission created by:

104thSkillSaw & 104thCrayola


TeamSpeak Server @ IP:

Password: "phoenix"


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i certainly will jump in your server and join the fun over the weekend. looking forward to it



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:DOn behalf of all the 104th Phoenix VFBS I would like to thanks all those who flew on our server this special SIM-MOD Weekend.

I would also like to thank the SIM-MOD guys for making the new A10 and wish them luck on all future projects that they may have lined up.

Thanks for making Lockon wat it is today!

Routemaster signing off!:D

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