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F-18 - when comms are turned on


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When i am doing startup using checklists - i never see any step to turn radios on...And i see that i can use the at some point during alignement...Can anybody share me info when radios are turned off, and which system turns it on?

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It depends whether or not you use ground power during startup.

With ground power on, and GP switch 2 in B and GP switch 4 in A, the radio is powered.


If you dont use GP, then the radio turns on when the right engine is running. (you probably get power to the radio with just the left engine on, I havent tried, as you usually start the right engine first)


As to how it is powered, Im not sure. I think it runs straight of the generators (when it is not ground-powered).

As far as I know, there is no on-button for the radio, could be wrong on that 😛

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The radios are turned on and off by their corresponding volume knobs on the UFC.

According to the NATOPS-manual:
-For the interior check befor engine start, they are supposed to be off.

-They should be turned on, after the first engine started.

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