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Head clipping through cockpit


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In VR there is a written rule that you do not move the VR camera position if the HMD is moving. Meaning you do not collide the VR camera on something because the HMD can keep moving. Otherwise you get instant nausea. 


There are other means to come around that.

- Blackout

- Blinders

- Warning text

- Desaturation/Blurring


Some of those are that will guide the player to keep their virtual head inside a walls, windows etc. Like if you would have a greyscale view with blurred vision, you would not see anything well but you would pull your head out to see something again. 

Going blackout would as well work. 

Getting a G-force effect that your vision would shrink and you see just "end of the tunnel" something, it would work as well. 

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