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LHAQ Acquiring Ghost Targets since 2.7.1


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Track attached, this is repeatable across maps (So far I've seen it in Caucasus and Syria also). Happy to provide additional tracks.

F/A-18C "target practice" mission over Nevada, various airborne target aircraft.


No mods to the F/A-18C, only liveries for another module (Huey).


My workflow for this track was as follows > Start mission > Weapon select AMRAAM > RDDI to TWS > Bug Target til ~14 mi > Revert to RWS to clear designation > SCS Forward long to LHAQ. I had to repeat several times against various targets to achieve it, but got the bug several times in this brief track.


Radar will 'lock' a non-existent target on a random bearing which appears as the incomplete box in the JHMCS display, FAR off the boresight of the helmet. AMRAAM will not guide toward the ghost target (I tried it on a whim). 


I'm quite certain this behavior is new since 2.7.1, I use the JHMCS constantly and had not experienced this prior.


System - ASUS ROG GU502LW, 16GB RAM, i7-10750H, 2070 Max-Q, X56 HOTAS, Quest 2 VR. 


Please let me know if I can provide any additional data to assist. 2.7.1 improved the Hornet drastically and I am extremely grateful regardless of this issue.


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