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  1. Thanks for the quick fix on this. I ran into this issue with M08 as well.
  2. The next few months will be great for DCS NavAir.
  3. I’ve flown missions 1 & 2 now, I’m throughly impressed. Well done!
  4. I believe this would be a desired and enjoyable feature across all tactical fixed-wing modules. I see it being valuable for BFM and DACT in particular, but practice intercepts would be excellent as well. I and many others spend a good portion of our DCS hours flying “training” and Red Flag type scenarios on NTTR, but to a large degree the immersion/realism is broken by actually destroying airborne targets. While air-to-air combat is incredibly rare in the last few decades, training occurs daily in every Air Force in the world and I would love better tools to simulate this. I would suggest either or both of two functions; Inter-flight BFM practice via radio call to wingman. “Two, push to butterfly set”. “Fight’s on!”, wingman turns in and ‘engages’ without expending ordnance. An amazing feature would be “Fox 2” or “GUNS GUNS” calls when in engagement parameters, with the player having hot keys for the same. ‘Perform Command’ option for AI aircraft/flights, with similar functionality as described above.
  5. Yes, huge quality of life upgrade.
  6. Flying this beast in VR, as poorly as I do so, is truly like living a dream. My thanks as well.
  7. Using a HARM as a poor man’s HTS is pretty effective as well. I was excited for the HTS on release as I love SEAD but wandered back to the Hornet in short order.
  8. I prefer the man-machine interface of the Hornet hands-down, from HOTAS to DDI’s. The Viper’s cockpit looks and feels cool, but doesn’t work well for me. The JHMCS implementation is better, IMO, in every way. The HSI/SA combo is faster (for me) and provides more info than the HSD - though I don’t know how complete the implementation of either of these is currently. The Hornet’s AoA capability is both a powerful weapon and an alluring pitfall; the ability to point the nose and drag an opponent into a slow fight is scary when properly executed. Simultaneously, when abused or overused the AoA and corresponding bleeding of energy can be very dangerous to the Hornet driver. I prefer attack missions (off of a carrier, but I’m willing to forgo that for this conversation) but maintain enough skill to tangle with anything DCS currently offers in a BFM scenario. BVR is my weakest point, but also the one that I practice and enjoy the least. The Hornet’s radar quirks make it significantly more challenging in multi-threat BVR engagements and paired with less kinetic energy I do believe the Viper has an edge in BVR. That said, the datalink and RWR displays (SA, JHMCS) give incredible situational awareness when engaged in any AA arena. I firmly believe the array of weapons available to the Hornet are also superior, to the point that I get irritable in the Viper when loading/rearming. I can rarely accomplish quite what I want to, or end up loading the jet down and spoiling any energy advantage. I would love the dual maverick ejector racks on the Hornet, but that’s the only edge for the Viper (for me).
  9. I’m now getting DCS crashes with vrperfkit installed after the most recent DCS update, which is disappointing. Anyone else seeing issues?
  10. Is anyone willing to break down the install process of the VR Perf Kit? I have downloaded the 0.2.2 release and can copy the .YML and .DLL specified in the README to the DCS folder, but the portion below I don't understand. Any assistance would be appreciated, I'm just way behind the power curve with technology. ## Build instructions Clone the repository and init all submodules. Download the [Oculus SDK](https://developer.oculus.com/downloads/package/oculus-sdk-for-windows) and extract `LibOVR` from the downloaded archive to the `ThirdParty` folder. Run cmake to generate Visual Studio solution files. Build with Visual Studio.
  11. Following up on this - my issue is that I had downloaded the main GitHub repository as opposed to the release zip. Fail on me.
  12. Deleted. I did notice that the main directory name changed, and also I didn’t replace the keybind doc.
  13. After installing 1.1, when I load the aircraft in a mission I have no cockpit; only gauges. The helo will also fall through the ground, unless I catch it with collective - from there it flies as expected, Just no cockpit visible. Ideas anyone?
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