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Game is crashing in VR


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I'm experiencing DCS crashes in VR, GPU overclocking removed, running DCS on VR preset video settings.


After some more testing I think WMR is putting the headset to sleep possibly because at time of DCS crash (it isn't just DCS crash... Everything seems to crash including FPSVR and SteamVR)


The default value WMR comes with it let windows decide when to put the headset to sleep... When I set this from that setting to never, it seems like I possibly don't experience this issue.


Also, it is possible WMR put it to sleep because at time of testing I am not wearing the headset, but rather I am keeping it stationary on hanger and mainly testing without wearing the headset... So this could possibly be fixed too by just wearing the headset, just something to be aware of I guess??




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i did find a possible workaround. 




and further explained here 




make sure you do a export of the current hive in case you need to import it back.



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