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CCIP cross mis-placed

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Track attached. Steps to recreate


1. Ensure aircraft equipped with FLIR and Mk82's

2. Enter AG master mode

3. Ensure no designation present

4. SCS up to get AGR mode

5. Set FLIR on a DDI

6. Dive on a target, pause when CCIP cross over target

7. Observe difference where FLIR is pointing and where CCIP cross is.

8. Conduct drops on boiler house sized targets. Observe that you will miss using the CCIP cross, but will hit under the same conditions using the FLIR.


Expected results:

1. FLIR reticle and CCIP cross co-located

2. Bomb accuracy should be the same regardless of which cue the user uses, provided the cue is over the target on release


The attached track I make three passes.


Pass 1: My line up is terrible, so I abort this pass, but I do pause it. You can see the CCIP cross is above and right of the target, the FLIR center dot is below and left. As I sit, for some reason, the CCIP cross eventually adjusts in line with where the FLIR reticle is.


Pass 2: I pause here. When the CCIP cross is over the target, the FLIR still hasn't reached it. I tried to drop on the FLIR cue but couldn't get my hands back from the pause button to the HOTAS to drop it on time so I missed.


Pass 3: I don't pause, but you'll see at release the CCIP cross is past the target at pickle. I am using the FLIR as a guide. Bombs on target where the FLIR was pointing.


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we have a report open for accuracy but it is related to speed, it maybe playing a part here as well. I will mark this reported for now and add your observations to the open report. 




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