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Whea Internal Parity Error on 10850K stock.

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Hi my pc:
108500K stock 4800mhz
2x16 GB DDR4 GSKILL 3000mhz XMP
Seasonic Tx-850 Ultra Titanium
Gigabyte Rtx 3090 Gaming OC
Aorus Z490 Pro Gaming

My pc i have 6 months,never had any WHEAS. I tested Control, Quake 2 rtx, Metro Exodus,3dmark port royal,battlefield 5,Serious Sam 4 and other games. No Wheas during 6 months,no bsods,no crashes.

My system is updated to newest Win 10 H20.

Today i run again Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition for 6 hours. After exiting game i check event logs and saw 1 WHEA Internal Parity Error.

The exact WHEA 19 was like this:

error source: unknown error source error type: internal parity error processor ir: 3

And my question is why one single WHEA appeared after 6 months on stock cpu?!

I have only XMP on. But memtest no errors. Rma cpu then?


It just popped after 7 hours in Metro Exodus.

 I run Metro Exodus again for 10 hours no whea. Then again for 15 hours and no whea. So no worries about that once fluke?



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that is not a stock Clock 4.8 is a turbo mode a form of Overclocking.. also this is a DCS forum. but maybe because you are OC you got a random whea error in ME..

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27 minutes ago, The_Nephilim said:

that is not a stock Clock 4.8 is a turbo mode a form of Overclocking


  Yep. So just checked and a 10850k sounds like they've got the max turbo set to 5.2ghz which is a unusually high, imo, and 4800mhz is itself a fairly high clock setting.


  You haven't mentioned temperature or cooling solutions, are you sure you're not overheating and have proper airflow? No plugged or dirty filters/fans? Have you tried a version roll back to see if it solves the problem, since you mentioned an update? Have you insured your CPU/MB/GPU drivers are up to date? Sounds like it's crashing under prolonged usage. If it's ONLY Metro Exodus, then play something else, imo.

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I would load test the system without Win10, aka a bootable USB stick with memtestx86 or boot into Ubuntu and install stressapptest by google, there are tons of google results how to install this on a bootable Linux in 2 minutes without any Linux Skills needed.

Let it run for at least 2-4h with XMP and if it errors do the same without XMP. If that works, your RAM/IMC is causing trouble. Could be Volts, could be many things but you then know what triggers it.



and btw, newest 10 is is 21H1

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