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JSOW-A crashing itself in the ground


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Recently I have noticed that the JSOW-A is very sensitive to the parameters in which it is released. If you release too high and/or too fast, it will crash itself in the ground before being able to reach the target, in fact way before. This is surprising as the JSOW-C does not have this issue and, assuming excessive speeds are the problem, both JSOWs are perfectly capable of turning quite sharply for their terminal maneuver at those same high speeds (mach 1.1 seems to be the limit). In the following tracks and associated tacviews you will find :

-One where the issue occurs (JSOW-A_AP_issue)

-One where the release parameters have been chosen for the issue not to occur (JSOW-A_AP_no_issue)

-One where I released with the same parameters as in the first track but at the range obtained with the parameters in the second track (JSOW-A_AP_control) to make sure this wasn't range related. In this one you'll find that the JSOW-As almost made it but the issue still seems to be present or perhaps another one but I'll let the devs look at this in detail.

Hopefully this can be fixed, JSOW-As are quite important when doing DEAD.



JSOW-A_AP_issue.trk JSOW-A_AP_issue.acmi JSOW-A_AP_no_issue.trk JSOW-A_AP_no_issue.acmi JSOW-A_AP_control.trk JSOW-A_AP_control.acmi


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  • ED Team

Thanks I do have this reported already, my initial report was for the JSOW-A ditching into the sea and this seems to be the same behaviour, no apparent reason for it.


the team will investigate.


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