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A-G radar performance


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Hi together,


I lately have a crash on reconnaissance but want to achieve it in 80s style without TGP, or other too fancy stuff.


I build a mission on the Syria map with kind of the worst case scenario:

Some SCUD randomly placed in the vicinty of military bases but still remote.

I used the Viggen, Hornet and Harrier out of Kirjat Shmona and placed three groups of 4 SCUDs each arround damascus, close to the military airfields but not on them and also outside of vilages.


I first tried to find the targets with the Hornet EXP modes and have to say, holy nutttts, it's not easy.

My experience with the Viggen A-G radar is quite good I would say, and I found them really fast with Viggen.


And here is the problem, if it is one. I found the Hornets radar performance very convincing with getting also a lot of returns from towns, etc.

The viggen however in LIN mode and between 1/4 and 1/3 of gain shows very clear returns from the targets without beeing cramped with other returns of nearby villages, and to the stories of pilots I know, that doesn't sound realistic.


I know that in the 80s they really used photo recon for this, but we don't have such a thing in DCS (...yet...hopefully)

How does Heatblur see this issue? Are you guy's waiting for a new API or Vulcan or something or is that topic counted as finsihed as is.


Feels kind of strange to me, A-G radar performace maybe to good, ELINT feels to weak (from the knowledge I have about equal systems)


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I think maybe the buildings are not individually calculated in the radar, the radar just calculate the general terrain? For example, the airport(not only the runway, but a part of the surrounding area) can be seen on the radar. Also large metal things can be seen, like bridges, trains, even electricity tower.

Also, Ive heard that static objects(there is a category in the mission editor) cannot be seen on the radar, but I never tested it.

The performance issue about the radar have already caused some complain, maybe devs simplify the calculation about radar system.

I guess(just an assumption) the excellent exp radar image never calculates the radar return at all. They just use the actual image of the area where you look at, and do some blurring work. The blurring work is determined by your distance, your relative speed, etc. It looks very convincing after that, but there isnt any actual return pulse in it. It is an easy way to save calculation. But this theory is just my guess.

If ajs37 calculate the actual return pulse to form the image, it is impossible to show every building.

if you look at the general ground radar image on f18 (not exp), you will find it is even difficult to recognize the terrain by that

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Yeah, oil rigs are not detectable by the radar nor engageable with anti-ship missiles.  You also can't target static objects with the Mavericks (RB-75).

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