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  1. ED's guns are consistently too inaccurate for whatever reason, from the weird barrel issues with the M39, to excessive dispersion in the M39, M61 and GAU-8, all of which have been reported. I don't think one can infer anything about the F-14 just by comparing it to ED's modules.
  2. Take height h from the radar altimeter, take dive angle a from attitude gryo, assume terrain is perfectly flat, estimate range as r = h/cos(a) I guess?
  3. Nothing at all there is specific to the CE. It only says the E (which is relevant to the EE variant, NOT the CE) has improved a2g avionics and that is true - it comes with an INS and improved RWR. Nothing at all on that page says anything about CCIP or CCRP.
  4. The CE was just the export version of the C, it did not receive the upgrades of the CT. The upgraded version is the M.
  5. I don't understand why this conversation is still going on when Aerges wrote that they will tune the adverse yaw behavior days ago.
  6. Yea it could be fun. I'm excited to see how that works out for IndiaFoxtEcho's modules.
  7. ^ This. The only F-4 variant that contributed meaningfully to Desert Storm was the F-4G.
  8. Yea the point is whatever you call that switch, it's not on the HOTAS, it's on the sidewall next to the throttle just like on the Mirage.
  9. I assume they refer to the switch used to toggle between VSL Hi/Lo and PAL modes.
  10. There are also pictures of EX prototypes with AMRAAMs on the CFTs
  11. Weird, I've never had anything go wrong. Do you have a link to any threads?
  12. For those with a two stage trigger, I think the ideal is having unsafe be the first stage of the trigger, and weapon release be the second.
  13. My guess is that the F1M will be a better stand in, since both are end-of-life updated airframes.
  14. You might be right. I was under the assumption that since Iran had 9Es for their Phantoms and hacked whatever they could on their Tomcats out of desperation, the F-14 would also have carried that missile. I have only really found one picture of something that looks like a 9E on an Iranian Tomcat though, everything else looks like a 9J/P.
  15. They will probably also allow some AIM-9J/P variant since there are so many of them in the game, but yeah I wouldn't expect them to model the AIM-9E just for a relatively niche variant.
  16. TLTeo

    DCS: G-91R

    The R had a fixed sight, if I recall correctly you can set the depression manually but it's not even a gyro sight. The Y had a fancier sight more similar to the A-4's bombing computer.
  17. The F1M is a late 90s upgrade of the EE/CE fleets
  18. CCIP won't be a thing until the F1M release. The radar gunsight isn't implemented yet.
  19. A while ago I tried googling RL pictures and couldn't find any, so my guess is no.
  20. I'm so looking forward to popping out of all those Fjords to fire RB-04s at whatever unlucky ship happens to be in the way!
  21. Retracting flaps at Mach 1.3 because the acceleration is too slow is probably the most Starfighter thing that's ever happened in the history of aviation lmao
  22. To be nitpicky, iirc it was 450 for flap/slat extension/retraction, and 520 when having them just fixed in the takeoff/maneuvering position. I think the Mach limits were 0.8/0.85 respectively. Lowering flaps basically increased available G by 1 (idk about sustained turn rates though - there's literally nothing about it in all the F104 manuals I have read). Also, FINALLY someone who actually stops repeating all those stupid myths about the Starfighter. Kudos. And to get back on topic, I think it's important to separate what can or cannot be done in DCS by ED vs 3rd parties. Conescan vs monopulse seekers sounds like a missile API/ED job to me, as is letting radars see the clouds with the new weather system. Basically anything EW related really. I don't know of any DCS modules that account for the seeker stuff properly, even the M2k (but I'm happy to be proven wrong), so complaining about Aerges here feels unproductive at best.
  23. No Naval (or British) Phantom did, minus gunpods of course. Also it might be the Viggen driver in me speaking, but guns are over rated anyway.
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