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  1. You can make a copy of my spreadsheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UO-FqLKl_dQl50_dzuHEvxhtSyU5kxsMvIvesEfPFMY/copy#gid=0
  2. For 3 km turns you can use the plot I made above. If you want a general capability for any radius I can give you the equations.
  3. I don't read Swedish. Is this saying 4 lysbombs per station/pallet like the M71s?
  4. So far the suggestions are: 1. command a circular orbit and end it after a half orbit. 2. maybe there's an aerobatics task that will do it. Doesn't sound promising.
  5. That picture helps a lot. I posted your question on the HB testers discord and I'll let you know what they say.
  6. It's not a max number of G's. For a level, steady turn, there is exactly one specific number of G's and one specific bank angle for each pairing of airspeed and turn radius. Independent of altitude, by the way. It looks like 20 deg bank angle occurs at about 370 km/h TAS and 3 km radius. Having said all that, I can't account for the AI behavior. Are they making unsteady turns?
  7. I made this chart quickly and didn't really check it for errors, but it hopefully gets the point across. (If it turns out to have an error I'll correct it.) Update: I checked it by reversing all the calculations and they are correct.
  8. At what airspeed? Turn radius and airspeed uniquely determine G's and bank angle. This is from the mechanics of flight, completely independent of airframe.
  9. The jammer will respond automatically any time after you activate it, even if you activate it while you are already locked up. But to avoid wasting countermeasures you should activate it before you get locked up or turn off your CMs momentarily while you activate the jammer, then turn the CMs back on.
  10. I find when I type in a steerpoint, it doesn't properly load into the nav system until I cycle away to another stpt and back. I believe that is a known bug and workaround. Does it help you?
  11. One key point the OP might be wondering about is that you should do this (CMS aft) before entering the threat zone, when you are not currently locked up by an enemy. In CMDS Semi mode, CMS aft has a dual function* -- set jamming to active AND dispense countermeasures for the current high priority threat. So if you want to just set the jammer to active without dispensing, you either need to make sure you are not currently locked, or turn off your chaff and flare switches momentarily. *In CMDS Semi mode, CMS aft provides instantaneous consent to dispense once against the current threat. In CMDS Auto mode, CMS aft provides prior consent to dispense indefinitely against future threats.
  12. I asked the HB team to take a look at this and submitted it to the bug tracker.
  13. I submitted this to the bug tracker.
  14. Those are the preprogrammed frequencies for airfields. You use them to talk to ATC. On the kneeboard there is a page of airfield codes and radio frequencies. The Base selector dial (the right of the two radio dials on the left panel) should be set to the same number as the last two digits of the airfield; e.g. Kobuleti is 9013, so set Base to 13. The frequencies for ATC at Kobuleti are also listed, and you can select them using the A, B, C1, C2, D preset buttons. If you want to set mission-specific radio channels you should use the Special 1,2,3 and the Group channels (the left selector dial) with the 0 through 9 preset buttons.
  15. I see what you're talking about. I can reproduce that behavior. If you turn off SPAK, it is a damped oscillation like a Dutch roll. If you turn on SPAK, the SAS applies a strong, momentary opposite rudder to damp the yaw rate (maybe also the sideslip) but that introduces a pretty strong opposing roll moment. By the time the roll rate damps (unsure if natural or SAS) it has rolled between 60-90 degrees. I don't know if this is true to the real design or intended behavior. AJS37_rudder_yaw_damping.trk
  16. I thought it was that way because of former DCS limtations, but now the game would support the more realistic "missile survives after player dies" once HB puts in the effort to implement it. Did you read differently?
  17. I don't have a solution for the export, but many people use the technique of pointing the HUD pipper at the target before uncaging the Maverick with T1. Then in theory the target is near the crosshair. Do you use VR Zoom and Spyglass zoom keybinds?
  18. Looks like the issue may have been with a particular programmable binding using alternating safe/unsafe functions for each press of the first detent. Other users on the same thread reported no issues with the keybind setup you described. https://forum.dcs.world/topic/254312-request-for-trigger-safeunsafe-toggle-keybind/?do=findComment&comment=4639131
  19. I have no first hand knowledge of this, but I have read in these forums that using a two stage trigger like that can cause problems.
  20. My question was do the AIM-9s go better on stations 2/8 or 3/7?
  21. Shot in the dark -- there's a known bug that sometimes waypoints are not properly loaded until you select a different waypoint and then reselect the one you want
  22. Are you addressing the OP about wingtip 120s or my follow up question about AIM-9s on 2/8 vs 3/7?
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