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Stay On Our Wings


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I saw a video today that got me thinking, and I decided to do a short PSA, again on behalf of the 145th, but I think this could even be on behalf of Eagle Dynamics themselves.


Stay on our wings.


Times were tough, but there's a storm on the horizon.


Many are feeling its effects now, and many more will soon feel them again.


This storm is not one of nature.


It is man made.


It is a result of many factors. But the effects are sadly the same.


We have lost many pilots to this storm.


Many never saw the turbulence the storm caused.


Many felt the hail, and powered through to the other side.


But as we all looked back to for our Wingman, he wasn't there.


No warning.


No cry for help.


Not even the sound of an ejection beacon.


They were gone.


And as you returned home, you could only think of the times you had with them.


The night you got thrown out of the officers club.


The day he stood next to you begging you not to go through with that marriage.


The day you saw your kid run to him like a relative.


All of that is a memory now.


But now the storm that took your friend is ahead of you.


You look back to see a new wing man, one with immense promise.


"Stay on my wing, and we'll both get through this" you tell him.


Through the storm you both fly.


Your engines howl.


Your frame shutters


Warnings blare in your headset.


"Are you alright?" Your Wing Man asks.


"I've lost some of my instruments Kid, but I'm here" You reply as your eyes focus on your HUD.


It still works.


You glance down at your radar.


It's still working.


Suddenly, as quickly as it came, it leaves.


You've powered through the storm again.


You look back, your wing man is not there.


Seconds feel like hours.


Suddenly he appears.


"Sorry chief, had to drop back a second." he calls out.


Your return is marked by cheers and celebration. You're here, and so is your wing man.


He stayed on your wing.


The storm will pass. But we must all stay on each others wings. Know that I would rather fly through that storm with you, and somberly perform a missing man for you. We are all here for those in need of a wing man. If your wing man is in trouble, stay on their wing. Get them back to base. Talk to them. No matter what it takes, do not let the storm win. Do not let the storm take another life.


In the last 18 months. Thousands of people of all ages have been lost to this storm. No matter what it takes pilots. Make sure the people closest to you stay on your wing, so that the storm cannot claim another life.

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