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"Bombs - Bomb Pods" switch does not function


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I'm guessing that switch is just WIP, but I want to report it just in case. There's a switch on the operator's front panel that has 3 positions: Bombs - Test - Bomb pods. If i understand it's function correctly in the manual, it's supposed to "tell" the aircraft what kind of weapon combination is loaded with bombs being one of them. If you load free fall bombs on all 4 stores, the switch needs to be in the Bomb position. That allows weapon release button to drop bombs from all 4 stores. But you can also load free fall bombs on middle pilons and KMGU pods or rockets on the inner pilons. For this combination the switch needs to be in the "Bomb Pods" position. In this position the weapon release button will only release the bombs from the middle pilons, and it'll keep inner pilons on. If the switch is in the bombs position, it should drop everything, regardless of what it is. But right now, no matter where the switch is, apart from "test" position, the aicraft will correctly identify what stores it has and if you have KMGU loaded on inner pilons for example, it will drop only the bombs from middle pilons, even if the switch is in the "bomb" position. "Test" position seem to prevent weapon release button from doing anything at this time. Please, see the attached trk below.


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Only old stores like S-5 rocket pods will be dropped if switch is in bombs position. Newer S-8 pods are safe from that and will not drop. To say it simply, more modern stores like B* rocket pods can "tell' the system what they are. And older S-5 pods can't so they are being dropped hope that explains it,





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Yeah, that makes sense. Thank you for the explanation! You're absolutely right, the manual is a little confusing on this section, but rereading it now, it makes sense. The middle "test" position still prevents any stores from releasing and, at least according to the manual, should drop everything regardless if the gear is down or not.

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