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remapping spacebar?


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In a lot of campaigns you need to press space to progress things, on my setup in vr this is always sort of clumsy, is there a way I could map spacebar to a button on something within dcs? or would this necessitate joytokey/joystickgremlin? 

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I use Joystick Gremlin. It adds the option of adding short and long presses to any button (like the TMS & DMS hats work for the A10 and others) so has the potential to add more button presses to your HOTAS.


If you don't want to use VJOY then I can also recommend Joy2Key. In my experience with both the performance impact is negligible.


Currently I use both products, Joy2Key allows me to easily recentre the mouse cursor plus I use it to control speaker volume - which is handy when the wife tells me to turn it down mid combat 🙂

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19 hours ago, DavePastry said:

on my setup in vr this is always sort of clumsy

For me it's annoying too: I don't have a keyboard in my sim-pit, so to press "space" I need to:

- Take off the headset,
- climb out of my sim-pit,

- walk over to my desktop,

- press SPACE,

- walk back over to my sim-pit,

- climb back in,

- put on the headset and re-adjust the centre position.

Some modules allow you to bind it to the trigger on your joystick, but sadly that doesn't work for most.


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