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low performance again?!


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well a few days ago i managed to raise my fps from 20fps all the time to 30+ by editing options.lua file..i changed the haze to 0, water to 1, lights to 1, and fullscreen=true...the game was running all good (with full screen box checked in options menu)..then out of the blue BAM- 20 fps again...withought changing any lua file..it just went down by itself....i tried everything now...cannot get it up to 30 fps again!


anyone have any suggestions?




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no but i mean in the 2nd campaign mission-after i set up my lua file (changed the haze to 0, water to 1, lights to 1, and fullscreen=true) the game ran at 30+fps...then while playing the same campaign mission after a restart, the fps dropped to 20fps(i took these fps measures at the beginning of the flight- first 4 mins)


what i mean to say i did all of my testing on the 2nd campaign mission not in combat situation..just while flying...after i found the 30fps mark- i kept trying to succeed in the mission- then i tried once more- and fps dropped down to 20fps all the sudden- withought any changes

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my options.lua file looks completely different...it should look something like :


["multiMonitorSetup"] = "1camera",

["color"] = "32",

["heatBlr"] = 0,

["scenes"] = "high",

["water"] = 1,

["fullScreen"] = true,

["visibRange"] = "Low",

["aspect"] = 1.25,

["textures"] = 2,

["shadows"] = 1,

["display_mode"] =


["avi"] =


["bpp"] = 32,

["resolution"] = "640x480",

["full_screen"] = false,

["aspect"] = 1.333333333,

["height"] = 480,

["width"] = 640,

}, -- end of ["avi"]

}, -- end of ["display_mode"]

["effects"] = 3,

["lights"] = 1,

["haze"] = 0,

["terrPrld"] = "20",

["height"] = 1024,

["resolution"] = "1280x1024",

["civTraffic"] = 0,

["width"] = 1280,

}, -- end of ["graphics"]

} -- end of options

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are you using an nvidia card or ati?


if nvidia i found that changing the profile from the nvidia manager from high quality to quality gave a massive boost, and allowed me to run with 4x AA and 16x AF, but now i have found my card has more muscle in higher resolutions so im running in 1920x1440 and the need for AA has gone

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