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Solid Water?


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Being a complete novice I tend to run up the first campaign mission, which starts the KA-50 on a helipad with rotors spinning. Again, being a complete novice, I tend to crash.. quite a lot :) To the North East of the start helipad there's a fair sized lake.. which, of course, I've managed to crash into! The game engine does know there's water there because the rotors create a blue watery graphic/wash effect when you fly low over it but if you land or crash on the lake you don't seem to sink and the physics go a bit wild! Is this an engine issue/map issue/known bug?

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I have heard it from others too. Dont know why this happens as it does sink in FC for example.


There is a lake though in LO where the water line is lower than the ground. Making ships hover and you can see the propeller and hull in mid air. Dont know if the lake you are talking about experience the same phenomenon.





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The water of doom is mentioned in the bug forums....


Short answer is that the water is a limitation of the present engine and nothing much that can be done about it.




I was playing Russian version of BS.

Comparing terrain in DCS-BS with LOFC, i find a problem...maybe called a bug: Water looks abnormal :music_whistling:

Having a look on water on riverbank, you can easily realize a space between ground (bank) and water. I feel the water surface is 600-1000m deeper than the bank and this bug cheats pilot's feeling when he makes low flying over the sea.


In this case, the Ka-50 (after pilot ejecting) is floating on water, after few minutes it seems still staying there, no sinking.

If it has no shadow under the helicopter you guys see my pictures and think that the helo's flying at about 1000m above sea surface.


Is it in the same place on the map? Probably not...


This is an old and known limitation of the graphics engine (existed in FC also), which renders water universally under the terrain as a base at sea level. When you observe water placed significantly above sea level (such as a mountain river/lake), it look as if you're looking into a well.


There is no way to fix this in the current engine.

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