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Collective problem


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Today I noticed something strange.

If you pull full collective from the ground, it would not go to full blade pitch until I go through ETL.

Also, if I dive from altitude, when I pull out from dive, collective would drop on it's own. 

Game mode is OFF, control helper is OFF.

Tried it in Mi8 and that does not happen.

If collective is only partially up, it acts normal.

Is there some system I wasn't aware of?

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14 minutes ago, BIGNEWY said:


thank you 

Also, if you are in hover and pull full collective, it will go only to about 14 degs on pitch gauge. Once you accelerate, it will go to full 15 degs.

If you push cyclic to the right or pull back while in level flight , collective will drop. Push forward or to the left, nothing happens

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