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Trimming Problem v.76


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Good morning everybody. My first post I believe in these forums and I hope it isn't the OBVIOUS rtfm / search forum question it sounds like it could be from the title :music_whistling:


Now then, if I take over and fly the Combat employment / weapons training mission; trimming works TOTALLY as advertised. Push stick, press trim and let go, stick stays in the same place :pilotfly:


However, if I fly a made up mission trimming just doesn't work :(

I start powered up on the runway. I take off and it plain just doesn't work! ; Start off in flight and trimming isn't working.

In the Ed missions (if I remember rightly) it DID work at the beginning of the mission, and then at some point it stops. I don't know if it was after launching some missiles, or playing with the autopilot....


So the Eternal questions is:

Which 1 small sentence have I missed in the manual to get trim working? Are there paramiters that I have broken or a silly button I have missed?


Works in the training mission, but not elsewhere.......


I'm so paranoid i'm making it up, i've got Wags' voice from the training mission playing in the background even as I type, having tested the trim in that mission :P


Thank you for any help,




Well it's sunday so i guess it's going to be quiet!!!

I have spotted that after taking over a training mission (when trim works) mouse look is on. Could that be a factor??? It's really intriguing me as to how it works in the training missions and nowhere else!!!

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Bump. :helpsmilie:


I am still not able to trim with anything other than a hijacked training mission.


Any pointers on what i'm doing wrong? I know it's an obvious mistake somewhere....


My hand aches like hell having to keep the stick pushed in all the time :cry:


thanks again for any helpful replies:thumbup:

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Case closed....it was a RT faq answer (got it from SimHQ)!!!!!


My force feedback was on for the steering wheel. Edited the producer file and voila.


Now, WHY was trim working in the training flights but not in any other? That's why I thought I had a bizare problem!!!! If it didn't work at all I would have KNOWN I had trouble.


Hey Ho.:P:pilotfly:

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  • ED Team

Please, describe your input devices (as I understood, you have steering wheel with FFB connected to PC?).

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did you have Bank/Pitch/Alt hold autopilots on? (Right, bottom panel, below the PVI - 4 lightup buttons)


in the training missions/auto-startups these 3 autopilots are on.. i made the same mistake when doing my own startup sequences.


without them On the helo will be very difficult to control, trimmed or not..


to help in your trimming push CTL-ENTER to bring up the control viewer, it will show you where you are trimmed at but make sure those 3 (Pitch and Bank at least) are on.

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