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An important good old tweak ..


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This old trick work great for Lockon and BS many of us here knows this but many new BS sim pilots don't so here the goody.


Well here a small tweak for slower PC

The files are located in :

1C\Eagle Dynamics\Ka-50\Bazar\Terrain\Scenes


In this folder you have 3 files .scn




Now look the one in your sim setup scenery which one you like ( for you fps )


I suggest Medium.scn for lower PC , High for Strong PC and Low to run a server


Now When you connect online to some server mostly they use different setting than your, to ovoid the stronger PC to connect to a server with a Low setting the best way is to Copy paste the High.scn and rename it LOW and Medium.scn same thing for the one that use Medium setting.. This way you will connect to any server with your favorite Scenery quality.

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but there is the option in the ME to "force" the clients to use your setting. i think so long nobody activate this setting. i can't confirm if it's working, just seen it the other day when setting the options for a mission.


could be helpful sometimes, because if you create a mission based on medium and you fly it with high details, there could be units in a forest where the other ppl only see flat land without trees...

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Server is low you will see low..

mckee14 Good to know but we are using Black-Shark right .. where is the ME ? :)


I dont get that one either.... ME = Mission Editor... where it is? It is in the main menu when you start black shark up....


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