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Target altitude number copied and stuck in some cases when switching from RWS to TWS


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When in RWS and cursor over search target, target altitude is shown. If you switch to TWS, the altitude number stays on screen, statically in place, in addition to the correctly updating altitude info in TWS.

This does not seem to happen if target is bugged in RWS before switching modes. However, at the very end of the attached track, you see there's again the ghost altitude number which somehow got back there when switching around, even after "clearing" the static, bugging in RWS and then switching to TWS.

Steps to reproduce:
1. FCR in RWS and a contact on screen.
2. Slew cursor over contact (do not bug) - elevation is shown.
3. Switch to TWS.

What happens:
The altitude that was shown in RWS stays in screen, in addition to the correct, moving and updating number shown in TWS. Fastest way to see the bug is to change range scale and note the static altitude text stays in place.

To clear the static number, switch back to RWS. If going back to TWS, bug the target first or slew cursor away from it so no altitude is shown.

Current Open Beta (DCS
Track attached.


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