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Extremely low fps on my system

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Before you guys go all out on my system specifications I wanna show you this video;

This guy plays with this "laptop" and gets 30 FPS and I get 15. So this is where the trouble starts.

My specs:

AMD Ryzen 5 3350G (3400G)

8 GB 3000MHZ RAM (2933MHZ)


Vega 11 (2 GB allocated from the RAM)


I tried my best on doing multiple things, windowed mode on lowest settings with lowest resolution, no change, 15 FPS.

I tried 1280x960 low settings, no change.

I tried 1366x768 low settings, no change.

I tried 1080p low settings, no change and I am playing with these settings currently

I even tried out 1080p medium and it's somehow 15 FPS like the rest of the low fps ones :D


Can you guys explain what I need to do, I also can get you the logs somehow if they are going to help.

Other games that also depend on CPU such as racing games, I still get 30 on those, on FPS games still get high FPS but only DCS it's this low.

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IDK maybe he is full of it or maybe you need to check some Vsync or autoexec file for the FPS line.. you could have a frame limiter..


But too be honest I tried DCS with a 1070K and the built in Intel iGPU and did not far as well either.. so maybe the vid is just a load a BS and 15 is as best as you can get..

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ASRock Z590 Phantom Gaming 4/AC / Intel i7 10700K @ 4.8Ghz / Noctua DHS-14  /  Samsung 970plus m.2 1TB  /  eVGA FTW3 2080Ti /  G. Skill Trident Z CAS 16 - 32GB RAM @4000  /  SoundBlaster Z  / Reverb G2 /  ThrustMaster HOTAS Cougar & MFD's / Buttkicker Gamer 2

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Good news is GPU prices have collapsed along with the crypto market, shouldn't be hard to get something good for cheap off of ebay.

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System specs: i5-10600k (4.9 GHz), RX 6950XT, 32GB DDR4 3200, NVMe SSD, Reverb G2, WinWing Super Libra/Taurus, CH Pro Pedals.

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