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Adding HAS parking spots for F15E/I in Hatzerim AFB

Knight of the North

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Hi OnReTech team,

First, I would like to say thanks and great job on the new map! The Israeli coast line and mountains in the north and center of the country looks great and very recognizable. 

As for the subject of this post, with the upcoming introduction of the F15E module with a close proximity to this map, I would imagine that many people would like to operate the IAF F15I from its real air base - Hartzerim AFB (according to open sources like wikipedia). 

However, from examining the airbase in Google Earth we can see that only 2 or 3 HAS clusters can fit a 19.5m long F15E:

  1. NE side of the base near RW 28R, there is a V shaped HAS cluster with 5 HAS on each side of the V. These are in the map, but they are not selectable as a parking spot. These are 25m long. 
    27461A85-562E-444E-B704-E6A4470AF04D.jpeg1A. the inside of the HAS is modeled correctly as a arch, but again from the satellite photos they should have a concrete celling which will make them a HAS and not a simple hangar. FDC3A1B7-2600-4725-9360-D4B2FAD849C2.jpeg
  2. SE side of the base near RW 28L has a structure with 7 HAS inline - with the middle one blocked by a structure. So that’s another place with a 33m long hangar. Same situation, the hangar is in the map (5 and not 7 hangars), just not selectable. 
    B69EBECC-1920-4FC3-BA27-5FEACA930FA1.jpeg2A. Same here, the HAS has an arch internal structure but a concrete celling. 
  3. East side between RW28R and L there is a “zigzag” HAS which appears to be 28m long which is already in the map and working properly. 

Please try to at least make the first 2 parking clusters selectable and if possible improve their models to have the right amount of parking spots and armored roof as can be seen from the satellite photos. It will make a lot of future F15E/I drivers happy. 


In the case that a new model will be created for The 6-7 spots straight HAS, its also present in Tel Nof AFB SE and North side and the V shaped HAS is in the South side next to RW36. 

As a third priority, I would also like to point the F16 HAS parkings in Hatzerim AFB between RW 28R/L from both sides of the taxiway, there are 3 HAS structures with 6 parkings each that should be 19m long with concrete celling instead of the current wedge shaped roof, which is currently too short even for a F16 and not armored. 

The same HAS type is also present between RW 28R and the V shaped HAS.

This type of HAS is also present in other bases like Hatzor, Tel Nof and Ramat David. 

The rest of the parkings in the western side of Hatzerim AFB are good as they are, as they are probably used for pilot training M346 and T6. 

some of these places are better seen in Apple or Bing maps compared to Goggle maps/earth, in case more angles are needed for modeling. 


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DCS modules:

F/A-18C, F-16C, AH-64D, F-15E, Super Carrier, NTTR, Persian Gulf, Syria, Sinai

PC specs:

i7-9700k @ 5.2GHz, 64GB 3600MHz CL16, NVMe SSD, RTX3070 8GB, 43” 16:9 4K IPS monitor, TrackIR5, Virpil WARBRD + TM Hornet grip, TM Warthog base+grip, Winwing super Taurus throttle, TM TFRP rudder pedals, 4x TM Cougar MFDs + numpad on the center one

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@OnReTech should create a model for the shelter you posted, it has 6 parking spots and it's also seen in the northern part of Tel-Nof AB, at least in reality. In DCS its a empty spot with 4 parking spots right now.. hope they fix all the airbases and airfields ground detail before they even think about to create missing airfields.

shelter tn.jpg

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If all real wars could only be fought in DCS.
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Awesome Idea.  I agree OnReTech should strive to improve assets already in the map.  At the moment the Israeli bases have a a generally correct layout, but their appearance in-sim is only a passing resemblance to the real life facitities.  Its an amazing 1st step, for which Im grateful - but a lot of improvements can be made.  OnReTech - keep up the greast work.  Our fingers a crossed that you will deliver!

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@flybull yes, erasing stuff that is not there in real life, and much more individual buildings that are actually there in real life... so the bases will look much better and much more realistic. All airbases would need some work thats for sure. maybe 3 to 5MB of individual objects for each airbase and a couple more textures so the bases will loose that "abandom airfield" look. A big problem of all DCS maps so far..  

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If all real wars could only be fought in DCS.
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