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  1. Thanks, added to the bug list. Priority - medium
  2. Thanks, added to the bug list. Priority - medium
  3. Dear friends and pilots. Thank you for your patience and support !!! Phase 3 is going through all stages of testing and we hope that it will be released soon and available for updating. Phase 3 will include: Fixing bugs from users and beta testers (more than 100) Airfields: 15 pcs and unique scenes for there: Quwaysina Birma/Tanta Air Base Al Rahmaniyah Borg-el-Arab/Intl Jiyanklis New Gebel el Basur Al Khatatbah Kom Awshim Beni Suef Wadi Abu Rish El Minya Hurghada Wadi Abu Shihat Ramon International airport Sharm El Sheikh Unique objects and architectural monuments, industrial facilities - more than 100 pieces (link below) Added more typical scene objects like yacht, ndb tower etc.. Vector data - zones of new airfields, places under unique objects. City textures and assets - improvement, garbage cleaning 2 types of acacia bushes for the south of Israel New more realistic seabed texture Parking for f35 and hangar for Israel airfields Improved scenes for helipads Night illumination of unique objects Upgrading the Pyramids of Giza and the tombs around the pyramids Trees on mountains in Israel Added of military installations of Egypt (northern and southern camp) and military bases on Israel Improving ground textures (adding more color variety) Added Oil Platforms We continue to work on the 4th final phase of the Sinai project (release), which will include: Airfields for Jordan and UAE, 1 for each country Working with rocks for unique places, Ramon, Petra, etc.. (Development of a utility in TDK is required) Bugs and improvements that constantly come from users
  4. Dear friends and pilots. We apologize for map update delay, this will be a good lesson for us in the future. We are confident that the update will be released soon, we are working hard on it. But rest assured that we read feedback and look at new bugs and improvements from users. We are preparing not just an update that will fix most of the bugs, but massive map improvement that provide more flying options and adds new visual content. We have already finished modeling airports and unique objects that were announced before. Now we work on unique scenes and map optimization. Most of the time is spent on small improvements and bug fixing, although globally it already seems that everything is done. For every small update, it is necessary to build the entire project and update must be approved, then users need to download it, this is inconvenient in our opinion. That's why we decided to release Phase 3 along with the bugs fixed, but we didn't take into account the time factor, which goes by very quickly. Thank you for your patience and support.
  5. Thanks, added to the bug list. Priority - medium
  6. we're still working on it
  7. yes, Petra is on the screenshots
  8. Dear friends and pilots. We apologize for the long update, but rest assured that we are working on improving our module (it was our mistake to make the update so big). We are currently finalizing some scenes after our internal testing, fixing some internal bugs, and preparing the module for an update. As planned, new airfields were added as announced in the road map. More than 90 new unique and historical buildings + some additional objects that we didn’t plan: an oil platform, new yachts, air balloon and etc... Added unique hangars for the F35 at the Nevatim airfield, as well as parking for them. Improved scenes of Cairo, Alexandria, Eilat and Jerusalem. Thank you for your patience and attention. I am attaching screenshots of the new update.
  9. Thanks, added to the bug list. Priority - medium
  10. Thanks, added to the bug list. Priority - medium
  11. Thanks, added to the bug list. Priority - medium
  12. Thanks, added to the bug list. Priority - medium
  13. Al Khatatbah Al Rahmaniyah Beni Suef Birma/Tanta Air Base Borg-el-Arab/Intl El Minya Gebel el Basur Hurghada Jiyanklis New Kom Awshim Quwaysina Ramon_International_airport Sharm_El_Sheikh_airport Wadi Abu Rish Wadi Abu Shihat
  14. Hi Dear friends and pilots. We are testing a new update and solving current optimization problems. As it turned out, doing more is quite problematic. But we can handle it. I'll share some new screenshots from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Cairo, Alexandria and Eliat. New airfields are already being tested. We'll be ready for an update soon. Not only will more new unique places and airfields be added, but bugs that were listed after Early Access. Early access gave us good experience, which will help us avoid many mistakes in the future. Thank you for your patience.
  15. Thanks for your feedback. This is a big problem. We urgently added this to the high priority bugs. We will try to fix this and check the entire Nile Delta so that it will be fixed in the upcoming update
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