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U-boat VIIC U-flak isn't a U-flak


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Hi everyone,

A (fairly) minor issue present since the WWII asset pack released - the Type VIIC U-boat is listed as a U-flak, but isn't actually a U-flak. Instead it's either a circa 1944/45 modified regular Type VIIC (owing to the snorkel replacing the deck gun) or probably a Type VIIC/41 (I'm not in a position to tell the 2 variants apart externally, but a Type VIIC/41 is AFAIK the only surviving Type VIIC variant in existence, so is probably a more likely candidate for making a 3D model).

According to this, U-flak boats were fitted with 2× 2 cm Flakveirling 38 and a single 3.7 cm Flak (the image below depicts a 3.7 cm Flak SK C/30U).

Our Type VIIC has the Turmumbau IV conning tower that has a single 3.7 cm Flak M42U LM 42U and 2× 2 cm Flakzwilling 38 MII LM 43U (allegedly typical for 1944/45 Type VIIC U-boats).


As a comparison, here's a shot of U-995, a Type VIIC/41 U-boat, showing the same AA armament (aside from the lack of gun shields on the 2, 2 cm Flakzwilling) as our U-boat in DCS:


Here's our Type VIIC U-boat:


And here's what a U-flak's sail would look like (note the significantly different design and the 2, 2 cm Flakveirling 38 guns):


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