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DCS stalls/freezes when opening options then controls when in mission and there are too many modules/controls


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Not an urgent one as I believe that I have a workaround, but it felt appropriate to report it anyway.


I sometimes have a game freeze/stall with under the following conditions:

  • I'm flying in a mission
  • I open the options, then controls, with the intent to remap a control
  • I currently have 11 joysticks/contollers plugged in and mapped
  • I have controls mapped for pretty much every aircraft in game and also a few mods

My assumption is that when I open the controls menu that the game goes off and loads ALL of the controls that I have mappings for.  Quite clearly that's quite a few.  With the symptoms of the game sometimes being fine, sometimes stuttering and sometimes freezing up when I do this, my guess is that there's a bit of a memory issue, with maybe data being loaded from my SSD, and resulting in a timeout.

As a temporary solution I've backed up my current controls, then deleted all of the control mappings for mods, easy aircraft and the aircraft that I've trialled.  I'm expecting that to work fine.

Otherwise, the game is running well.  i5 9700 in MT.  3080ti, 64GB ram, game on SSD in VR.

As mentioned, I believe I have a workaround, but I assumed you'd like to know.

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System: 9700, 64GB DDR4, 2070S, NVME2, Rift S, Jetseat, Thrustmaster F18 grip, VPC T50 stick base and throttle, CH Throttle, MFG crosswinds, custom button box, Logitech G502 and Marble mouse.

Server: i5 2500@3.9Ghz, 1080, 24GB DDR3, SSD.

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