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  1. Hi. Could you specify a bit what you mean exactly? Which lines of code are too old for DCS and need to be changed to what kind of code? Sorry for the stupid question, but I'm not really the "lua-guy" Cheers, PeeJott.
  2. Our pleasure. We hope you enjoy the mods Anyways, new version is up and the grey square is gone (thanks to CDPKobra) in both the 105G and 105D. Cheers, PeeJott.
  3. Hi. We'll be looking into it and getting rid of this stupid square Hopefully we can release another patch soon... Cheers, PeeJott.
  4. Hi guys. I just fixed the problem of DCS crashing because of the 105 (hopefully and for a longer time). There was a small bug in the weapons.lua which DCS only registered after the patch...seem DCS gets more and more picky with every patch. I'll try to attach the weapons.lua which works.... Just copy it into the weapons-folder in your F-105 directory and everything should work again. Cheers, PeeJott. Weapons.lua
  5. F-20 Tigershark would be just great. Sadly, there is no good 3d-model around...the ones that are available are...well...ääähhh...yes
  6. Hi @Surrexen We are just enjoying your Sea-Slug-Mission which is a blast. The one thing we are experiencing is, that destroyed units spawn new. Is it supposed to be that way or is something strange happening? My guys reported that red units on the north-shore of guam spawn new... Thanks for your help and once again, great missions
  7. Hi. That's pretty cool. When I want to change AI-Flights to other aircrafts (cold-war timeframe) and want to add in e.g. The F-104G mod as clients do I have to take special care of something? The same regarding ground-forces? Sorry for The questions, but before I break anything I guess it is better to ask Cheers, Paul.
  8. Hi @Mith86Arg Are you still around? I would have a few questions regarding your pretty cool missions
  9. @deadlyfishes Is it possible to use TTI in a dedicated Server and would it be o.k.? I'm only reading Singleplayer here always and if MP is The thing, one should visit the TTI-Servers. Regarding my question above, I would like to Run a modern Version of it on our squadron-server and an edited Cold-war Version on another Server. What do I have to do to make that happen? Cheers, PeeJott.
  10. Wow, this looks awesome. Any Chance to get a Cold-war (1960 - 1975) scenario with approptiate planes and weapons. I would love such a scenario and it would be great if it were possible to Run it on a Server. If both were Kind of doable, that would be awesome (I would need to edit The A4, F-104 and a few other cold war jets in and hope that this might be doable as well...) Cheers, PeeJott.
  11. @maddogmcewan This sounds like an awesome project. Perfect theatre for Mirage-III based Chetahs and Mig-21 i guess. I'm really curious how you want to realize it in DCS and may be your gethered info could help in developing a Mirage-III mod?
  12. @Surrexen A very quick question. A few buddies would like to have a few F-18s and F-14s more in Incirlic and some A10CII in Ramat David. When I set those in the ME what do I have to edit where? Was just "browsing" through those scripts and did not really find anything on a glance... Cheers, PeeJott
  13. Guys, I yesterday flew two missions on a test-build of Liberation where The F-104 mod was implemented. Had a blast on low-level attacking ground targets and dogfighting mig-21s...just pretty cool. I hope The 104 gets implented permanently. Big thanks to @MetalStormGhost for doing The extraction/Implementation work. By The way, liberation is truly great right now...some time ago I used some early 2.something builds, but now it is way better cheers, PeeJott.
  14. Hi guys. Sorry for The stupid Headline, but I thought this way some guys might click The thread;-) I'm looking for an easy to modify persistent campaign for MP. My Goal is to have a campaign like The OP Scarlet Dawn (special missions that, if done right, lead to a possible win of one side. Preferrably if that works for RED and BLUE The same way, since I could divide blue/RED aircrafts that way a bit better) but easy to modify since I would like to use it with planes from 1960 -1975. I tried OP ScarletDawn which did not like my attempts. OP Barbadrigia worked out great, since leonardoC told me what to edit but it is not persistent and there is no end-scenario since it is ongoing forever. Trying The round-table right now, but it seems to have issues because red planes don't seem to spawn. I can work with The ME and triggers alright, but scripting is my weak point. Does somebody have an idea which OP/Mission would make sense? Cheers guys, PeeJott.
  15. Hi @Mith86Arg Great missions you put together. I was wondering, if I wanted to throw this mission back in time (1960-1970) can I just change units in ME and keeping The Name as before or is there a lot of script-work to do? Would love to change ground and air units to that time-frame as well as Client units. The last thing seems to be straight forward but what about those other units? Cheers, PeeJott.
  16. @Project Dynamism Hi guys. I think your take on dynamic mission management and campaign management is pretty awesome. I would like to know if you are still devleoping/supporting it further or did you move on to other projects? The questions seems a bit, well, dumb, but I really would like something like this for MP-use since it will "up" the immersion by a lot which is the one thing some missions are just lacking. Of course, time to fiddle with things is scarce, so I would not want to spend it on something that is not going forward anymore. But first off, great stuff I hope you continue the developement. Cheers, PeeJott.
  17. Ah, allright. I thought it was hinted what has to be accomplished to call it a win. May be you could consider this in The next Evolution? Since you said it will not be persistent, may be something which could happen in say 6 hours time (like normal server-restart-time). There are The strategic targets and there are The supporting airfields. Might make it even more interesting to declare the "ground-conflict" decided, when at least 2/3 of The contested zones are held and carpark and resupply-base are less then 20% functional. The airbattle is decided when 2/3 of The opposing runways are disabled. Or something like that. Of course, those are just ideas to make a good Mission may be a bit better
  18. Hi. Yes, AFAC was great. I did run an older Version of your Mission in 2.7 and The AFAC did smoke The right targets. Of course I fid not Test everything. But it is pretty cool that you are going to look into it once more I know, to Update the Mission is a lot of work but I would suggest to may be diverse it a bit for Multiplayer use because right now you've got one giant Furball over and around The River. 2 different locations would be great so you have to choose which one you are going to Support. Another question is, when is The mission Lost or won? Cheers, PeeJott.
  19. Yes, got that idea as well that it makes sense that way...and having fun is very important and the Mission really accomplishes that task Just another question: In an earlier Version there were AFACs included. A special reason you took them out? Especially when you Run the Mission with only yourself visible on F10 The afac was pretty helpful...
  20. Thanks @leonardo_c Everything worked nice. Had a test on an OpenBeta Server today, and everything spawned in and did the job it was supposed to do, the only "let-down" was my F-104CAP since it did spawn without any weapons, which was a bit weird, since I gave it weapons in the ME.... Well, anyway, an Idea I had while flying the mission: Can you make the assault teams work their way deeper into the enemy territory when there is no opposition any more? On my Go they just stopped at a certain point and did not go any further which is a bit weird since it looks a bit like they are waiting to "catch" a bomb... I guess the idea you had was, that they are supposed to hold/guard the zone? It is a pretty cool mission and I'm enjoying it a lot :-)
  21. Great to hear. The Editing was not hard at all and worked like a charm. Really looking forward to The new release. Another quick-question: Does the edited file has to be The same Name as before or can it have a different name? I renamed it to not confuse edited and unedited files.
  22. @leonardo_c Finished yesterday The "adding" and replacement of The units and so far everything works pretty good :-) Just one general question: When I attack and destroy those forces attacking the "zones" I get in The debriefing no kills of redfor units, just unit-numbers like nr.0001132 or something like that...is it supposed to be like that?
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