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Unit outside moving zone

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Thank you.

It is working as it should. On a dedicated server, the mission starts before you join in. This means the conditions for your trigger are met: your aircraft is not in the moving zone, since you have not spawned yet. Hence the message and the sound are triggered at the very beginning of the mission.

Two solutions:

  1. Either you change "once" to "switched condition" so the trigger activates everytime the conditions are met.
  2. Or, if you want the trigger to work only once, first check the presence of the unit inside the zone before checking it is out of the zone. Something like:
  • "Once" : If unit "A" is in the zone, then Flag spawned=true
  • "Once" : If spawned=true and unit "A" outside moving zone, then message + sound.

Here's a fix using solution 1.



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