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Please add option to control RCD image frequency and create folders for individual RCD "sessions"


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On 7/28/2023 at 10:15 AM, BurnedOrphanage said:

Title says it all.

currently its very inconsistent, sometimes it does a Frame every 5 secs, sometimes every 4 and someone even had 1 frame per second


It's not inconsistent, but mode dependent.

On most radar modes it will record the screen depending on sweep, patch maps, etc... hence the variable rate

This makes recording video more difficult I acknowledge, but recording videos was not the intended purpose. This feature was added to allow intelligence gathering scenarios easy and I wanted to record as few images as possible while not missing stuff.

For making videos, a video recording feature would be of course much better, but it's not yet possible in DCS. In that case the best is still video capture on an exported MFD.

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