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F-18 radio modulation issue

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Just ran into this on a mission I created.  Only seems to happen with F-18.  Create a client F-18 and place it.  When you change the radio presets (except Comm 1, Preset 1) it still shows AM as frequency modulation for the changed presets.  Click on the map to deselect the F-18 and then re-select it and go back into the radio presets and it will have changed the modulation to whatever modulation is set in the top part for the current radio selection (see pic).  If you change the frequency but whatever modulation was shown beside was the same as RADIO modulation at top it doesn't change.

At a minimum it should be showing the modulation change when you change the frequency (not only after reopening the plane) but I'd argue that since you can manually change modulation beside the frequency it shouldn't be automatically messing with that at all.

Pretty sure the default modulation for the RADIO at the top used to be AM because I haven't had this issue before (and all the other aircraft default to AM).  Radio at the top was AM previously this bug wouldn't have be obvious since it wouldn't have changed anything.

Radio modulation.jpg

F18 radio modulation issue.miz

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