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Requests for the World Map

Mike Force Team

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Here are some suggestions for the World Map, which is currently in development.  ED is likely to say, "We have no comment on it at this time."

For the World Map, can we have animals?  We are talking about whales, birds, elephants, and other creatures.  Will the World Map have a built-in feature that connects its World Map to a real-world weather server?  MSFS has this feature.  Will the World Map model the ocean tides in real time?  This is great for our surface ships and submarines.  Will we be able to fly over Antarctica and the North Pole?  Will polar bears, killer whales, and seals be modeled in the polar regions?  

Mike Force Time

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Dude, if we get some decent looking textures from 10k, some terrain with height mesh and we're able to see where the land ends - I'd be fine with it.

Animals, ocean tides, real weather - I doubt it.

Flying over poles - you bet it'd be possible - by definition.

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I'd like to make a reservation for a shelter:  N  53°32'59"


                                                                         elv:        26ft

thanks in advance 🙂

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